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A Life Saver In An Emergency: Why You Should Get A Judy Pack

(Image courtesy of Disney+. Image is from the show television Thats So Raven Episode Be Prepared (TV Episode 2006) Director Debbie Allen; Writers Michael Poryes ,Susan Sherman, and Marc Warren; Staring Raven Symone. Image depicts Michael Copon as Ricky, Ryan Hansen as JJ, and Columbus Short as Trey).

Growing up in South Florida, I was aware of Hurricane Season (June 1-November 30) and its consequences. When I was six, Hurricane Wilma came, and my family was without power for two weeks. We were fortunate that we could stay safe and healthy during that time. When I was nine years old, The Disney Channel premiered the Be Prepared episode of its hit tv show That's So Raven. In the episode, Boyz n Motion serenade Raven and her family to prepare their emergency kits. Since that day, I have always had a makeshift emergency kit either in my room or car. In 2022, a winter storm caused many North Carolinians stranded on the highway for over twenty-four hours. Luckily, I was still in South Florida when I heard the news. Upon hearing this, I immediately went online to order a Judy pack. I had the chance to talk with Daryl H., Social Media, Brand Content & Partnerships Manager, to discuss how a Judy product can help you stay prepared.

(Image courtesy of Judy)

1. Why should someone buy a Judy product?

We ask ourselves this question all the time. The basis for emergency preparation has your kit. A person needs different supplies for an ice storm or earthquake. Most people have everything in their Amazon chart never check out and realize they don't have the necessary supplies when an emergency is present. Additionally, most people don't have the time to research what they need per disaster. Judy helps you plan for the unexpected in life, so you never have an " I never thought that would happen to me moment."

(Image courtesy of Judy)

2. How does Judy incorporate its mission and vision into its product offerings?

Our goal is to make emergency preparation accessible. We know that an emergency is a confusing time. We research to create a baseline emergency kit for people. We encourage everyone to customize their Judy per their needs, but a Judy covers the basics. We help educate people about best practices during an emergency.

(Image courtesy of Judy)

3. What is the future of the company?

We see evacuations and power outages as the two most common emergencies you can prepare for. We just launched a power station that could charge your phone or power small devices. Additionally, we launched our Judy lantern. We want to create comfort objects that will keep you safe and prepared during the unexpected.

(Image courtesy of Judy)


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