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A Slice of Belle Époque: Why You Should Go To Angelina Paris

(Image courtesy of Angelina Paris.)

From 1871-1914, the Parisian Belle Époque solidified the city as the world's light bearer. In these forty-three years, Paris became the epicenter of art (Impressionists), architecture (Eiffel Tower), and food (Angelina Paris). For over one hundred and twenty years, Angelina Paris created and cemented what the world thinks of as French food. Visitors and locals have journeyed to the gastronomical treasure to try its famous hot chocolate and Mount Blanc pastry. In 2022, Angelina Paris continues to serve as a French culinary hub and cultural attaché with locations in Europe, Asia, and North America. I had the chance to speak with Anthony B., COO of Angelina Paris USA, to learn more about why you should visit the restaurant.

(Image courtesy of Angelina Paris.)

1. What makes Angelina Paris different from other restaurants?

Angelina Paris has been a Parisian staple for over 120 years. Consequently, we incorporate this rich history when creating our high-quality products. When a person visits Angelina Paris, they have a slice of Belle Époque as our team continues to use the same recipes and methods since our founding.

(Image courtesy of Angelina Paris.)

2. How does Angelina Paris respect its past and embrace innovation?

We continues to honor the past as we create high-quality pastries. In terms of innovation, our chefs are eager to expand our product line and decrease customer wait time. Our culinary team utilizes technology to gain precision when crafting our products . Every Angelina Paris uses same machines and tools to make our pastries which creates uniformity all around the world. Each Angelina Paris location only creates our recipes with local ingredients.

(Image courtesy of Angelina Paris's Instagram)

3. How does Angelina Paris incorporate its mission and vision into its product offerings?

Our mission is to bring the savior faire of patisserie and French hospitality to the world. We enact on this mission as we continue to slowly expand to other markets. When we enter a new market, we take the time to make sure we calibrate our recipes to the local ingredients (cream, butter, milk, etc.). This step by step process allows us to continue our culinary traditions in new environments.

(Image courtesy of Angelina Paris USA's Instagram.)

4. Why should someone eat at Angelina Paris?

When a person enters Angelina Paris, they find a little bit of Paris in wherever the are.

Each item of the menu as a story- Anthony B.

Here are a few of our stories. Our all day menu dates to the time when night workers finished their working day at seven or eight in the morning and came to the restaurant for their dinner. We also have an extensive dessert menu. If you are craving something sweet, we are famous of our hot chocolate and Mount Blanc pastry (a gluten free meringue with whipped cream and chestnuts).

(Images courtesy of Angelina Paris Intagram.)

5. What is the future of Angelina Paris?

We want to stay true to our roots as we open locations through out the United States.

(Image courtesy of Angelina Paris's Instagram.)


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