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A Sweet Escape: Why You Should Go To Ladurée Paris

(Image courtesy of Sony Pictures and Everett Collection. The image was found

In 2006, Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette introduced millions to the decadent life of the waning French monarchy. Coppola's compelling cinematography shows the constant between starving France and vibrant Versailles. In one scene, Marie Antoinette lounges as she eats delicious Ladurée Paris macarons. While LaduréeParis opened sixty-nine years after Marie Antoinette's death, Ladurée Paris allows customers to experience luxurious moments with each bite. I had the chance to speak with Elisabeth Holder, CEO of Ladurée Paris USA, to learn more about why you should savor each bite.

(Image courtesy of Ladurée Paris.)

1. Why should someone eat at Ladurée Paris?

When someone eats from Ladurée, they are transported to Paris with each bite. As someone snacks on our various sweet and savory menu options, they can take a moment to experience French culinary je ne sais quoi.

(Image courtesy of Ladurée Paris.)

2. How does Ladurée Paris honor its past and embrace innovation?

We are celebrating our 160th year in business. We balance our love of innovation (offering plant-based options and partnerships) and respect towards our values of consistency and quality.

(Image courtesy of Ladurée Paris.)

3.What are the quintessential Ladurée Paris values?

Quality. We ensure the proper ratio of flavor and sweetness. We use only natural ingredients and food coloring in our products.

(Image courtesy of Ladurée Paris.)

4. What is the future of the company?

We want to bring our products to more countries, develop new recipes, and remain consistently high quality.

(Image courtesy of Ladurée Paris.)


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