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Brightest Star in Hollywood: Beverly Hills Hotel

(Image courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)

For the past one hundred and nine years, The Beverly Hills Hotel has been one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. The Pink Palace has been the home away from home for scarlets, politicians, royalty, and more. The hotel's Art Deco and 1940's decor have cemented it in every traveler's imagination. I had the opportunity to speak with Aubree U., Assistant Marketing & Communications Manager, to learn about the property.

(Image courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)

1. Why should a person visit The Beverly Hills Hotel?

The Beverly Hills Hotel is one of the most unique institutions in the world. Hollywood was built around our hotel and so was the city of Beverly Hills (it was named after The Beverly Hills Hotel in 1914, two years after we opened our doors). Our guests enjoy knowing that when they walk through the halls of our hotel, they are walking the same steps as virtually every movie star that has ever lived.

(Image courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)

2. How has the hotel evolved during the pandemic?

It has been very hard on the travel industry but we are fortunate to work for an incredible company, Dorchester Collection, who protected every employee’s job and base wages during the pandemic. The ordinances were always changing so we had to remain flexible in everything we did and we did a great job pivoting the operation in order to best meet our guests needs at every turn. For example, we created a pop-up Fountain Coffee Room outside because the existing space was indoors and too small to allow for proper social distancing. We also created additional outdoor seating for the Polo Lounge when indoor dining was restricted.

(Image courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)

3. What are some must see L.A. attractions and how does visiting the hotel add to a person's experience?

We're right off of Sunset Boulevard and just steps away from Rodeo Drive. We recently implemented a bike rental company where guests can cruise around Beverly Hills or ride to a nearby park and enjoy a picnic. I would also recommend a hike in Griffith Park, a visit to The Grove, and a day at the beach.

(Image courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)

4. What's the future of tourism at the hotel and L.A?

Los Angeles is ever-changing. But, this hotel has and will forever be a constant. It's a time machine that allows locals and visitors alike to travel back to the Golden Age of Hollywood. It seems that with travel restrictions easing, we are seeing “revenge travel” and people are flocking to Los Angeles like never before. I expect to see a very strong year of tourism next year and we look forward to welcoming these guests to the hotel.

(Image courtesy of The Beverly Hills Hotel)


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