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Design Thinking: Amanda Uprichard

(Image courtesy of Amanda Uprichard)

In Graduate School, one of the buzzwords professors love to discuss is "Design Thinking." Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding (Dam and Siang). Design Thinking enables a company to understand consumer needs to serve their audience better. For this project, I contacted different companies to learn how the organizations apply Design Thinking into their market offerings. I had the opportunity to talk with designer Amanda Uprichard to learn more about how she created her brand.

(Image courtesy of Amanda Uprichard. Image depicts founder Amanda Uprichard)

1. What inspired you to create a fashion brand?

I was born to do this, so I didn't really have any choice in the matter. This is what I've always wanted to do since I was a young child. I feel really lucky everyday that I have been able to pursue my dream, and that I get to make and design clothing everyday.

(Image courtesy of Amanda Uprichard)

2. How does Amanda Uprichard differ from other brands on the market?

Hmm, interesting question. I'm not sure because I am so in it, I can't see us from the outside, but, maybe I can say that we are different because we design and make all of our samples in house. By sketching and draping. We don't send off sketches halfway across the globe to be interpreted by someone else. Not that there is anything wrong with that way of working, we just tend to be more hands on. We design and make all of our samples here in NYC. We all love that moment when we are draping and an unexpected accident turns into a best selling dress.

(Image courtesy of Amanda Uprichard)

3. How does Amanda Uprichard incorporate its mission and vision into its product offerings?

Well, our main mission is to bring joy, and beautiful days. I'm very blessed to have an incredible design team working along side of me. I think when we're all in the design room, planning the collection, making the samples in our collective fun way, that it comes through in the end product. We are always thinking of our girl. Always. What will make her feel good about herself.

(Image courtesy of Amanda Uprichard)

4. What advice would you give to students and young professionals entering this field?

Well, first off, I would say, do not be afraid. Do not be afriad to make a mistake, or you will never learn, do not be afraid to speak up, or you will not be heard. Take risks, don't be afraid of the word no, but allow that to give you strength. And above all be relentless, focused. This a very tough business. Being a creative is not easy, but totally possible with determination.

(Image courtesy of Amanda Uprichard)

5. What is the future of the company?

To continue to grow and expand, and have fun while doing so. We are adding new product categories now which is so much fun. We'll be doing our first pop-up this summer out in Montauk, so that's really really exciting. We want to do more of that type of pop up event all over the country. We've been lucky this past two years to have come out of the last tow years OK. What a crazy time! We are very much looking forward to beautiful days ahead.


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