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Fitness Finesse: Why Y0u Should Go To Barry's

I believe that your body is like a car. You need to maintain the engine by putting in good fuel (healthy food), getting regular services (go to the gym and doctor's office), and investing in quality products (like wearing orthotics if you have flat feet like me). When COVID-19 shut down the world, the lockdown allowed me to reignite my love of fitness. My social media accounts (primarily Tik-Tok) features posts and videos by gyms discussing proper expertise form, regime, and more. Tik-Tok introduced me to Barry's Boot Camp. Barry's Boot Camp allows its members to have both a great work workout and a guided recovery. I had the chance to speak with Catie Bodie, experience manager at Barry's, to learn more about this fitness haven.

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How do you define a great workout?

A great workout is one where you challenge yourself both mentally and physically. One where you leave feeling both accomplished and proud of what you just did. A great workout can either set you up for a successful day or turn a bad day right around.

How does Barry’s facilitate a great workout?

The Red Room is such a unique atmosphere. When you walk in that dark room with Red Lights, loud music, and no sense of time, you are able to escape the real world for 50 minutes. You can tune out any stressors or problems you may be facing and focus on yourself and your fitness with the help of our motivating and challenging instructors.

What makes Barry’s different from other gyms?

The community. Our FitFam is like no other. We rally around one another, cheer each other on, and make new connections each day. We are a community that is built on positivity, grit, and genuinely kind people. Another differentiator is our world class amenities. From our fuel bar for that post workout shake to our Oribe toiletries and Dyson hair dryers, we are a one-stop-shop for all things luxury self-care. We also collaborate with amazing brands like Nike and Lululemon to bring unique retail to our clients that you cannot find anywhere else.

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How does Barry’s incorporate its mission and vision into its service?

Our motto is “Work(out) hard and be nice to people.”, and we really live by that motto every single day. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, safe space for all. It is our intention to continually find ways for our hard work and sweat to reach beyond the Red Room and into the community.

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What are the quintessential Barry’s classes anyone should take?

All of them! My personal favorite is Abs & Ass, mostly because of the cheeky name but also because I am always so sore the next day.

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What is the future of the company?

We have some really exciting new things coming with the launch of Barry’s X this summer - along with our partnership with Forme! So stay tuned for all that that will entail as we bring the Barry’s experience to homes all over the world. We are also always focusing on growing our global FitFam community! It’s so amazing to have the opportunity to walk into Barry’s studios all over the world and be greeted with the same warm energy that is cultivated when people love what they do.

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