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Fjord On: Why You Should Visit Norway

(Image courtesy of Visit Norway. The image was taken by Øyvind Heen -

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, everyone who visits Norway agrees that it is the most beautiful place on Earth. Yet, Norway's beauty runs deeper. Norway's breathtaking scenery makes it a must for any traveler. But the country's rich history, dynamic people, and delicious food are the sources of Norway's beauty. I had the chance to talk with Nina Kjonigsen, PR Lead at Visit Norway, to learn more about why you should visit this gorgeous place.

(Image courtesy of Visit Norway.)

1. Why should someone visit Norway?

There are many reasons why someone would visit Norway! Despite our small population of 5.3 million, our country is long-stretched and offers something for everyone. We have space and lots of it, beautiful nature, mountains, fjords, fresh air and nice people. Norwegians are calm and mostly drama-free, we are friendly and provide safe experiences whether you travel alone, as a couple or with your family. We pride ourselves on an equal and multi-cultured society, interesting architecture, art, and food scene, loads of festivals and fun. Norwegians are active, outdoorsy people so we have loads of options when it comes to activities and action—from skiing, to kiting, climbing and hiking, to name a few. But if you want to catch your breath and charge those batteries, there are so many cool and wonderful cabins and places to stay around Norway.

(Image courtesy of Visit Norway. The image was taken by Katelin - Sorrisniva)

2. How does Norway honor its past and embrace innovation?

Norway is a country with a long history and cultural heritage which is still alive in and around the whole country. The culture and history are also linked to the great nature Norway is offering. At the same time as we develop new travel products within activities, accommodation, food, etc. Norway aims at keeping our traditions as part of the package. Travelers want to learn about culture, history, food, people and the travel industry offers products that combine this with modern facilities and activities.

(Image courtesy of Visit Norway. The image was taken by Johan Berge.)

3. What are some must-see sites for everyone should see?

You can find lots of must-see sites here so check out this link: Top 10 places in Norway | Most popular destinations (

(Images courtesy of Visit Norway.)

4. Please describe Norwegian cuisine.

The traditional Norwegian food is largely based on local food and produce. From old times, farmers and fishermen have provided us with various meats and fish, and the focus was always to survive harsh conditions, feed many and preserve the leftovers. Typical traditional dishes are mutton and cabbage, various stews, potato dumplings, sour cream porridge and lamb ribs, to name a few.

But, when it comes to food and drink in Norway, a culinary revolution has been quietly taken place in the last few years. Restaurants and ordinary kitchens have seen a dramatic rise in local and organic food.

(Image courtesy of Visit Norway. The image was taken by Leikny Havik Skjærseth.)

What really characterizes Norwegian cooking is largely found in our rather unique agricultural customs: sheep, cows and goats graze in outlying pastures along the coast and in the mountains. A cold climate and unpolluted land is ideal for slow growing vegetables and fruit and berries without the extensive use of pesticides. Modest farms and smallholdings that produce milk, cheese and beef in healthy environments are virtually disease-free and subject to strict regulations when it comes to animal welfare. And of course, the extensive coastline gives Norway long and rich seafood traditions.

The hard work to instill pride at every level of the food chain has really paid off. New, small-scale producers of cheese, honey, pastries, cider and ecologically produced meats, among other things, are popping up all over the country. Not to mention the hundreds of microbreweries that are experimenting with different types of beer. Since Norway is among the world’s top three coffee consuming countries in the world, it’s no surprise that we are constantly trying to brew the best coffees on the planet.

(Image courtesy of Visit Norway. The image was taken by Leikny Havik Skjærseth.)

At the same time, Norwegian chefs have obtained a formidable international reputation. Norway is the most awarded country in the history of the international cooking competition Bocuse d’Or. In 2016, Maaemo became the first Norwegian restaurant to be awarded all three stars by the Michelin guide. Next year we will host the World Cheese awards and in 2024, the Bocuse D’Or in Trondeim.

(Image courtesy of Visit Norway. The image was taken by Emily Bell – Colonialen Matbar.)

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