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Lex go to Lexington

(Video courtesy of Wrigley Media Group)

Lexington, Kentucky, is one of the places I have always wanted to visit. Its central location allows the majority of people to drive to this horse lover's paradise. I had the opportunity to talk with Niki Heichelbech-Goldey, the director of communications for VisitLEX, to discuss why everyone should visit this city.

(Video courtesy of Wrigley Media Group)

1. Why should someone visit Lexington ?

Known around the world for producing champion Thoroughbreds and world-class Bourbon, Lexington is a safe and affordable destination that offers visitors a glimpse into two of Kentucky’s leading industries. Check out our guide: The Best of Lexington:

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2. How has Lexington adapted in the face of COVID-19?

As the country was closing down as a result of COVID-19, VisitLEX created a COVID-19 resource page to post information for partners, locals and potential travelers. A variety of resource links were made available in addition to information on how to support local businesses.

We programmed our social channels with virtual tours: We created the page, Lexington is a Safe Bet for Travel: We encouraged mask wearing: We promoted socially distanced activities (Small Batch Experiences):

(Video courtesy of Wrigley Media Group)

3. What are the top sites anyone should see in Lexington?

No trip to Lexington is complete without a visit to a horse farm or a bourbon distillery! There are a wide variety of tours available at area horse farms though Horse Country, Inc. With 14 distilleries in and around Lexington, there are plenty of opportunities to learn more about America’s native spirit.

Here is a complete list of Horse Country Tours:

Here are all the other ways you can visit with horses in the Bluegrass:

(Video courtesy of Wrigley Media Group)

4. What is the future of tourism in Lexington?

The future looks bright for Lexington! We were named one of the 50 Best Places to Travel in 2021 by Travel & Leisure: With our wide open spaces, easy driving distance to more than 2/3rds of the US population and abundance of outdoor activities, Lexington is well positioned as travelers begin to explore once again.

Thank you so much, Niki, for teaching me more about Lexington, KY. As more and more people get vaccinated, I can not wait to travel this fall, and hopefully, I will get the chance to visit Lexington.


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