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Post Pandemic Pursuits: How Zeke Freiman Can Make Your Travel Dreams A Reality

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Into The Unknown from Frozen II, sung by Idina Menzel, perfectly captures the essence of traveling. Menzel voices Queen Elsa, who realizes that personal growth comes from journeying into unknown places and experiencing new things. Although this song is only two years old, it describes travelers experiences; travelers can feel a mixture of excitement and nerves prior and during a trip. My friend Zeke Freiman helps travelers alleviate travel concerns and elevate their travel experiences. Freiman, travel advisor, guides travelers to make the most of their journeys. I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his experiences as a travel advisor, as well as how you can benefit from having a travel advisor in your future travel plans.


(Image courtesy of Freiman. Image depicts Zeke and his girlfriend Sami Ronik in Lisbon, Portugal)

1. How can a travel advisor add to a person’s travel experience?

A travel advisor can help clients with travel every step of the way. Starting with the planning process; we can help clients select a destination or outline an itinerary based on their needs and wants while balancing travel restrictions and tribal knowledge of the destinations. Once a client has a destination in mind, we leverage our agency’s many prestigious hotel partnerships to find the perfect property. On many luxury properties, we can get great benefits such as room upgrades, resort and spa credits ($100+), free breakfast daily, and more! We can also help book private airport transfers and professional local tours and activities at any destination. Finally, we can provide support before, during, and after travel. Whether it’s a change of itinerary, an issue at check in, or a hotel billing issue after check-out, we are available to assist. We have dedicated support at many hotels around the world.

Most online travel agencies popular today do not offer the benefits or the 24/7 tailored customer service that we can provide. Not to mention that researching and booking travel can be a very time consuming process for the individual traveler!

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2. How can a person balance safety concerns and travel during COVID-19?

The world is constantly changing and COVID restrictions are shifting daily. The safety and well-being of our clients is our number one priority. We work to consider multiple factors in terms of safety. We set a baseline by discussing what the client is comfortable doing and then build on that by incorporating local COVID restrictions as well as the latest CDC recommendations to create the perfect vacation.

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3. How was your personal travel experience influenced the work you do?

This all started for me with an intense passion for travel. Over the last 10 years I have gathered a plethora of information and experience traveling the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and more. I use this local, personal knowledge plus continuing education that I engage in weekly to make the best recommendations to clients.

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4. What are some trends you see in the hospitality industry?

I see that many clients are becoming increasingly aware of the time they spend scrolling through hundreds of properties to find the right fit. Finding the right hotel, ensuring it’s well reviewed, comparing rates across multiple vendors, and curating an itinerary are very time consuming and can go wrong regardless of how much time is spent.

Every week more new clients are approaching us to relieve this burden, saving them time and money while providing expertise at no cost to them. Not to mention the great benefits we have negotiated!

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To contact Zeke please email


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