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Reflections Of An Artist: How Sofiest Designs Reflects The Best Of Humanity

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

A docent leads a tour to the different galleries whenever a person visits an art museum. As you stroll past priceless masterpieces, the group feels as though they are in a mad-lib, as the docent describes how, " Insert the name of artist here created this piece of art (regardless of medium) to reflect either (choose one of four options): the artist's emotional state, societal changes, religious beliefs, or current events." But, reflections can be distorted, diffused or muddied. For an artist to make an impact, the artist must come to terms with the following question: what am I reflecting.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

We live in a time when most people brag about reflection. Social media enables people to reflect on what they want the world to see. The handheld device acts as a magic mirror, making a person feel insecure and depressed. But what if I tell you there is an artist who understands the power of reflection? Sofie Berarducci wants to impact how you view art and yourself. She created Sofiest Design to add light to any space with her art. I had the chance to speak with her to learn more about the company.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

1. What does art mean to you?

I define art as an individual's creative outlet which can change through different mediums or their individual style. For some, their art is very traditional, like painting and drawing. My artistic style at the moment is less traditional, as I combine disco tiles with modern elements. As I grow and evolve, my style and preferred mediums will change and evolve with me, which is the beauty of one's artistic style.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

2. Whats your artistic journey?

I am not a formal artist by any means. My artistic odyssey began when my parents sent me to an art camp. Growing up, I wanted to be an architect and always build blocks. I was interested in complex nail art and making my own clothes in middle school. I took a handful of art classes, like pottery, in high school and college. I went through a phase of extravagant cake-making. Cake-making allowed me to apply the lessons learned in my previous artistic endeavors.

I studied business in college in San Francisco. But, the COVID-19 pandemic began. I moved back to San Diego and was determined to furnish my apartment with all handmade furniture. As society transitioned from virtual to in-person, I decided to create my first disco item: The Mushroom Disco Ball. The Mushroom was made during my senior night in college and was the highlight of the apartment. When I graduated and returned to San Diego, I did nothing with my Mushroom. But I knew it was great for Christmas gifts and had a few leftovers. I went to Facebook Marketplace and sold my first 20 units. Many people asked if I sold my work anywhere else, and I made an Etsy. Regarding my artistic journey, I am currently on the disco tile path.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

3. What is disco-tiling?

Disco-tiling is the combination of mosaic tiling methods and disco glass materials. The process I use involves adhesive spray that creates a seamless texture.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

4. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your products?

My mission is to create sustainable works of art that reflect an individual's style. My vision is to continue creating hand-crafted pieces anyone would want in their home.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

5. What advice would you give to students and young professionals who want to become artists?

I know it can be challenging, but if you want to be a professional artist, you must put your work out there. You never know who would be interested in purchasing your art.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)

6. What is the future of the company?

We are a very young company. We just celebrated our first anniversary. We want to start adding more products and showcasing other small businesses on our website.

(Image courtesy of Sofiest Design)


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