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The Board Member: How I Became Best Friends with My First Fender-Bender's Girlfriend

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People become friends because they have something in common, shared values, or similar goals. In the history of friendships, I seriously doubt it's common to befriend the person who hit your significant other's car. Yet, that is how I became friends with Maddison (Maddi) Berman.

(Image courtesy of me)

In college, Maddi and I ran in similar circles. She is friends with one of my great friends Scott. Scott loved discussing his and Maddi's misadventures in the student government office. So, whenever I saw her, I would say hi, but never had an in-depth conversation.

(Image courtesy of The image shows, "capacity for the rock climbing tower in the RWC on the main campus will increase when the Summer A session starts May 17." (Photo by Nick Leyva ’15))

On a random day during my junior year of college, I went to the University of Central Florida's on-campus gym. After blasting 2018's top hits on the elliptical, I ran to my car in the pouring rain. After I backed out of my spot, I was not paying attention and hit a random guy's car while driving through a stop sign. He told me he was not hurt, and we pulled into two nearby spots. When we were swapping insurance information, the random guy (Matt) turned out to be a true mensch (a really nice person). After bonding over this experience, we hugged and said it was nice meeting each other. I thought two things: how lucky no one was hurt and that my first car accident happened with a nice guy. I never thought I would ever run into him again.

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During my senior fall, I campaigned for student government to be a senator for the College of Arts and Humanities. The legislative election is a hybrid of the opening scenes from the 1999 movie Election and the 2009 film Love and Other Drugs. The would-be senators would sit in various spots throughout campus and strike up conversations with anyone. We would all ask, " Hi (insert name), I was wondering what is your major?" If the person said, I am an in the (insert name of school), we would introduce that person to the candidate. When I was campaigning, I knew the best place to be was in front of the UCF student union. The student union's central location and constant traffic flow made it prime real estate. I sat with a group on the last day of the elections, and Maddi happened to be in that group.

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While talking about our mutual love of painting, she showed me a cooler she painted for her boyfriend's formal. At UCF, people invited to formal would paint their date a cooler as a thank you. So, she showed me the one she did, and the name read Matt in big letters. I laughed and said, " You're Matt's girlfriend; I'm the girl who hit his car.". She responded with the same energy level, " That was you; he only had the nicest things to say about you. I was thinking, who the f%$# is this, Rachel Huss." We both started laughing. That night, we discovered that we were elected to serve the UCF student body.

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During our final semester of college, Dr. Adrienne Frame, the dean of students, came to talk to the Student Government Senate. She told us the importance of having a board of people who act as your advocates, sounding board, and friend. Maddi and I looked at each other and declared that we were each other's board members.

(Image courtesy of Image depicts Dr. Frame)

In the past, almost four years, Maddi and I remained friends as we both went to post-secondary school, moved to different states, and started new chapters in life. Maddi graduated from law school, took the bar, and is establishing herself in the South Florida legal community. I am so proud of all your hard work and can't wait to see what the future holds for you and my first fender-bender.

(Image courtesy of me)


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