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The Evergreen Shopping Experience: Why You Should Go To Bloomingdale's

Shoppers In NYC Seek Post-Christmas Deals  Shoppers walk past a Bloomingdale's store in the SoHo neighborhood of New York, US, on Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2022. Retail sales in the US during the holiday shopping season from November 1 to December 24 were up by 7.6% from a year before, according to the Mastercard SpendingPlus survey. Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

(Image courtesy of Bloomberg via Getty Images. Photographer: Victor J. Blue.)

In the department store world, Darwinism lives on the various floors of shopping malls, e-commerce platforms, and social media channels. You don't have the luxury of millions of years to evolve like a Galápagos finch. You only have milliseconds for the person you are talking to develop from a potential buyer to a confirmed customer. As soon as you hand the shopper their receipt and wish them a great day, you know you helped the organism (business) stay alive.

(NEW YORK - MARCH 01: A man carries a shopping bag from the Bloomingdale's store in the SoHo shopping district of Manhattan March 1, 2010 in New York City. Consumer spending numbers tracked slightly higher in January, leading some economists to conclude that the economy is shakily regaining footing. (Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

(Image courtesy of Getty. Photographer: Chris Hondros.)

But how can you provide high-quality products while staying relevant to multi-generational stakeholders? Bloomingdale's answers this question every day. This retail institution applies its brand values to every facet of the business. Consequently, Bloomingdale's product selection and customer service welcome shoppers into the world of high fashion and high-quality products. I spoke with Marissa Galante-Frank, Fashion Director of Accessories + Beauty at Bloomingdale's, to learn more about the company.

Bloomingdale's Fashion Director of Accessories and Beauty Marissa Galante-Frank wearing a REJINA PYO brown coat, Lauroudé brown boots, YSL sunglasses, and carrying a black bag outside the Coach show during February 2024 New York Fashion Week on February 12, 2024 in New York City. (Photo by Jade Tillman Belmes/Getty Images)

(Image courtesy of Getty Images. Photographer: Jade Tillman Belmes. The image depicts Marissa Galante Frank during February 2024 New York Fashion Week.)

1. What is your role?

My role focuses on the product life cycle. I guide the customer through every step of the purchasing flow. Before the product enters the life cycle, my team specializes in trend forecasting, product ideation, and product selection. To accomplish this task, I attend European and American fashion weeks and market appointments to set the company's trends.

Image depicts Lori Harvey at the Burberry 2024 FW24 Show during London Fashion Week where she wears Burberry, Actress Maisie Williams at Christian Dior RTW Fall 2024 as part of Paris Ready to Wear Fashion Week held at Jardin des Tuileries on February 27, 2024 in Paris, France. (Photo by Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images),Supermodel Bella Hadid in Bella Hadid seen on December 21, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images), A model at the Sandy Liang at FALL-WINTER 2024/2025 Fashion Show  NEW YORK, and Academy Award Winning Actress Jennifer Lawerence wearing a suit.)

(Image courtesy of Andrea Edelman/ VOGUE.)

Before products enter our inventory, my team and I go to market appointments. At a market appointment, we peruse the product selection to determine whether the inventory matches our trend forecasting and customers' wishes. Bloomingdale's is a retailer with a private label and also carries name brands. When deciding which product to sell in our stores, we ensure our assortment (for both our private label and brand carriers) addresses our customer's needs.

a rack of clothing

(Image courtesy of Alec Kugler.)

Once a product joins our inventory, I work with the marketing team to optimize how a product is best presented to our shoppers via organic marketing efforts. I help both teams decide if a physical venue (i.e., in-store event, pop-up, or Designer Q&A) or online platform (such as a social media campaign or email blast) would be the ideal way to introduce a new offering.

To celebrate 50 years of the globally recognized Brown Bag, Bloomingdale’s will be debuting a lineup of incredible partnerships, online and in-store activations at The Carousel @ Bloomingdale’s: Big Brown Bazaar, as well as events celebrating fall fashion trends through the milestone September 2023.

(Image courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)

2. Why should someone shop at Bloomingdale's?

Bloomingdale's is a store for everyone. We guide and inspire our customers by helping them embrace their personal style.

Bloomingdale's 2020 Holiday Display at their Flagship store on  59th street  New York, New York.

(Image courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)

"We view Style as a source of creative energy. When someone goes shopping, they want to embody this energy by having a fun experience." - Marissa Galante-Frank

On the left a model is wearing an outfit from Isabel Marant 2021 Resort Cruise Womens Presentation, a women in a white coat, the model in the middle is wearing Mugler 2021-2022 Fall Autumn Winter Womens Look, a model wearing a 2021 Micheal Kors look, Mona Ali wearing a monochromatic neon pink outfit at Copenhagen Fall 2022 fashion week.

(Image courtesy of Imax Tree.)

3. How has Bloomingdale's evolved since its founding?

Bloomingdale's bridges the gap between pop culture and fashion. We value our customers' wants and needs by listening closely to their concerns and creating collaborations with innovative, high-quality companies. With this in mind, each season, we update our product offerings. We keep an open mind to finding curated products that elevate our customers' lives.

(Images courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)

Bloomingdale's has multiple departments, from adult fashion and home supplies to beauty, children, and accessories. In each department, we want our customers to feel confident in their purchases. For example, we added a new category to our online platform: kids' bicycles. These bikes mirror our brand promise by offering an elevated and curated selection. When someone purchases a children's bicycle, we know they would be proud to gift it to someone special.

A child riding the Baghera Balance Bike White & Helmet - Ages 3-6

(Image courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)

4. How does Bloomingdale's incorporate its mission and vision into its products and services?

At Bloomingdale's, the customer is at the epicenter of every decision. The team always thinks about what's going on in our customers' lives. We want to engage with their current wants, needs, and key moments. For annual events like Mother's Day, we create pop-ups to help customers find the perfect gift for someone. When celebrating a life event, shoppers can create a wedding registry in-store and online.

According to Getty: MAY 09: Founder of Peanut Michelle Kennedy and her son onstage during the "In Her Shoes" panel discussion at Bloomingdale's Century City on May 9, 2018 in Century City, California

(Image courtesy Getty Images. Photographer Rachel Murray took this image for Bloomingdale's Century City's Peanut "In Her Shoes" panel discussion.)

5. How does Bloomingdale's decide what products to sell?

No matter what product category, we approach buying by defining our customers' wants and needs. Our ethos is aspirational and approachable. For example, when determining product selection for our beauty department, we ask the following questions: Does a potential product feel fresh or classic? Would this product become a key part of someone's cosmetic bag? With these questions in mind, we want our customer to feel every product brings a benefit to their life.

According to Bloomingdale's, " APRIL FOOL’S! We’re not launching a perfume (yet!) but if we do, you’ll be the first to know 😉 In the meantime, check out our fragrance lineup online and in store. 💗 . . . . Discover Bloomingdale’s in a bottle, the Big Brown Bag Eau de Parfum, a fragrance 5 years in the making. It perfectly captures the intoxicating essence of retail therapy, in all its glory. For the woman who lives for the thrill of the hunt, this luxurious new scent blends base notes of new designer leather with warming hints of Forty Carrots vanilla. Conjure the exhilaration of that ultimate shopping moment, when you nab that ah-mazing find…and it’s in your size! It’s kismet, bottled. Available exclusively online and at select Bloomingdale’s stores starting on April 3.

(Image courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)

6. What investment piece should customers purchase?

There are a few ways of answering this question. The first is to view an investment purchase as entirely dependent on a customer's specific needs. For example, if someone works remotely, they would want to invest in a great desk or chair. If someone worked as a young professional in the fashion space, an excellent investment piece would be a timeless leather tote.

The SAINT LAURENT Le 5 à 7 Small leather shoulder bag on a white car. Image from Bloomingdale's.

(Image courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)

The second approach to this question is understanding the emotional connection to an investment piece.  Each time you buy an investment piece, the product links you to that moment of your life. I remember in the early moments of my career, I finally invested in black pumps. I recall how I felt when I tried them on and ended up purchasing them. I still have those shoes. Each time I see them I am brought back to that day.

(Video courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)

7. What is the future of Bloomingdale's?

Bloomingdales will continue to be a customer-centric company that evolves to fit our customers' wants and needs.

Bloomingdale’s graphic created by Bloomingdale’s in 2022.

(Image courtesy of Bloomingdale's.)


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