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The Ultimate Layered Experience: Why You Should Take A Breather and A Bite At Bull City Bake Shop

(Image courtesy of Bull City Bake Shop's Instagram)

In the 1980s, NBC's Cheers told us that "making your way in the world today takes everything you got." The show ended its theme song by telling the audience the importance of going to a place that knows your name. In the past forty years, businesses are more likely to view customers as clogs in a machine or parts on an assembly belt. Bull City Bake Shop just opened, but it feels like a community staple. The magic of Bull City Bake Shop is how founder Lydia Ricks knows her customers' names. Customers flock from all over the Research Triangle (Raliegh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) to taste her delicious baked goods. I had the chance to speak with her to learn more about her mission, vision, and why you should visit the next time you are in the area.

(Image courtesy of Bull City Bake Shop's Instagram)

1. Why did you name your bakery Bull City Bake Shop?

Durham is called the "Bull City." Bull iconology can be seen throughout the city in different parks, sports teams, and art pieces. I view the bull as a symbol every Durhamite rallies behind because it symbolizes strength, groundedness, and persistence.

(Image courtesy of Bull City Bake Shop's Instagram)

2. What makes the Bull City Bake Shop different from other bakeries in the area?

Bull City Bake Shop offers customers a layered experience. Firstly, I incorporate my Durham upbringing into the environment and atmosphere by always making anyone and everyone feel welcome. When a person walks in, they come in looking for a high-quality baked good but stay for the atmosphere we provide. The bake shop uses color theory to make people feel calm and unique by incorporating emerald green and gold into the store's design.

(Image courtesy of Bull City Bake Shop's Instagram)

3. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your products?

Our goal is to make people happy with desserts. Eating a well-made dessert is a multi-sensory experience. At Bull City Bakeshop, we want our customers to enjoy the present by taking a bite and realizing how amazing it is to be here today.

(Image courtesy of Shuttershock.)

4. What is the future of the bakery?

The future of the bakery is to have continued success and happiness.

(Logo courtesy of Bull City Bake Shop's Instagram)


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