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Witness The Music: Why You Should Visit The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum

(Image courtesy of The Country Music Hall of Fame. Image depicts the Rotunda photo by Tim Hursley)

Nashville, Tennessee, is the epicenter of country music. It is the springboard for famous musicians to perfect their craft. One can walk down Broadway to listen to the next Dolly Parton or John Denver. I enjoy country music because while it revers the past, the music evolves to meet present and future audiences. The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum allows locals and visitors to pay homage to this art form. Here are some reasons you should visit the museum.

(Image courtesy of The Country Music Hall of Fame)

1. The Dylan, Cash and Nashville Cats Virtual Exhibit

Country music combines elements of other musical genres to create its distinctive sound. When listening to a country song, one can hear the soulful words of a folk song or the infectious tempo of a pop hit. The museum highlights this fusion with its various virtual exhibits, including The Dylan, Cash, and Nashville Cats Exhibit. The exhibition encapsulates how current country music is a fusion of other genres to create the much-beloved music people listen to today. The museum describes two stories; the first discusses how folk music icon Bob Dylan's decision to record his album Nashville Skyline inspired non-country music artists to record their music in Nashville. The second story describes how country icon Johnny Cash wanted to expand this music during Dylan's recording session and collaborated with folk lyricists like Bob Dylan.

(Image courtesy of The Country Music Hall of Fame.)

2. Hall of Fame

In 1961, The Country Music Hall of Fame inducted its first honorees, Jimmie Rodgers, Fred Rose, and Hank Williams. For the past sixty-one years, the Country Music Hall of Fame has acknowledged the individuals and entities who continue to develop the craft. As a person was through the hall, one can learn how people from different backgrounds discover the same passion.

(Image courtesy of The Country Music Hall of Fame.)

3. Hatch Show Print

For over one hundred and forty years, The Hatch Show Print has been the premier custom print and poster store. Whenever I see the Wayne White Cubist George Jones Print or Kacey Musgraves: All of Colors Exhibit poster, I see the visual representation of the music. As someone studying strategic communications, I think a person should visit the store to learn how visual and audio communications can lend hand in hand.

(Image courtesy of The Hatch Show Print)


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