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A City In A Snowglobe: Why You Should Go To Innsbruck

(Image is named 2022_0431.jpg. The image depicts Innsbruck, Austria. | © Innsbruck Tourismus / Markus Mair.)

Growing up, I collected snowballs. I loved how the snow globe celebrated little moments in an ever-evolving world and instantly teleported you to a memory. Innsbruck exists in a snowglobe-like state. Locals and visitors admire how the city values its heritage and strives toward the future. I had the chance to speak with Andreas R. from Innsbruck Tourism to learn more about why people should go to the city.

(Image is named 2015_402.jpg Image depicts Dom zu St. Jakob (St. James' Cathedral)| © Innsbruck Tourismus / Christof Lackner.)

1. Why should someone visit Innsbruck?

The Innsbruck region guarantees a 360° alpine/urban experience. Combining these alpine and urban elements ensures sports, nature, and cultural topics. In Innsbruck, the city and the mountains coexist to create a unique and timeless experience.

(Image is named of 2016_269.jpg | Flo Orley | Flo Orley| © Innsbruck Tourismus / Klaus Polzer)

2. How does Innsbruck honor its past but embrace innovation?

Innsbruck loves both history and modern art. Visitors can see historical sites such as The Golden Roof, the Court Church, or the Ambras Castle when exploring the city. The city's love of modern architecture can be seen at the Bergisel ski jumping or some stations of the Nordkette Cable car, designed by Zaha Hadid.

(Image is named 2022_0469.jpg | Perspektivenweg Nordkette | Perspective Trail on the Nordkette| © Innsbruck Tourismus / Frank Heuer)

3. What are some must-see sights?

In terms of culture, I think every person needs to visit the Golden Roof, Imperial palace, Court Church, Ambras Castle, Swarovski Crystal Worlds, Tyrolean Evening, Bergisel Ski Jumping, and the famous Christmas Markets. The beauty of the mountains can be seen when a person goes on the Nordkette Cable Car and walks on the Perspektivenweg (perspective path) or Snøhetta. The city's food scene is known for its sweet and savory ingredients and recipes.

(Image is named. 2015_1026.jpg. Image depicts Tiroler Heimatabend am Postkutscherhof | Tyrolean evening| © Innsbruck Tourismus / Irene Ascher.)

4. What is the future of tourism in Innsbruck?

Moving forward, sustainability and mobility are the major themes we are addressing. The first project integrates the city's public transportation with the surrounding area with a Welcome Card. The Welcome Card is given to every guest who stays more than two nights at any Welcome Card hotel. Our goal is with this card to remove excess carbon emissions by eliminating the need for private transportation between various points of interest.

(Image is named 2021_0392.jpg | Innsbruck | Innsbruck| © Innsbruck Tourismus / Markus Mair.)


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