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A Gold Rush: Why You Should Stay At The Four Seasons San Francisco

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons San Francisco.)

San Francisco is where visitors can strike it rich. In a 46 miles span, a person can maneuver San Francisco's winding roads to find architectural, cultural, and culinary wonders. As the city "floats" on clouds of technological innovation centers and venture capital hubs, a person can get lost in the city's serpentine labyrinth and promises of golden opportunities. Consequently, visitors can be in awe of fool gold instead of discovering the hidden gold below the surface. The Four Seasons San Francisco offers golden hospitality in Yerba Buena Arts District. I had the chance to speak with Lauren D.B., Director of Public Relations & Communications, to learn why you should stay at the property.

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons San Francisco.)

1. Return To Your Roots: The Four Seasons San Francisco allows you to explore rather than visit the San Francisco area. Ancient redwoods surround San Francisco, and the Four Seasons San Francisco wants you to return to your roots by exploring the Muir Woods. The property offers three unique experiences that allow you to dive into life at the bay. Guests can see the famous redwoods, spot animals (like the northern spotted owl or a river otter), and picnic at Muir Woods Overlook.

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons San Francisco.)

2. I Got You Bay: To echo the words of Sonny and Cher, The San Francisco Four Seasons got you bay. Guests can board a custom-built 45-foot catamaran and see San Francisco from a new angle. While sampling the hotel's gourmet food, passengers can see famous landmarks like Coit Tower and Alcatraz Island.

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons San Francisco.)

3. Space: In any city, the most sought offer commodity is elbow room. When you stay at The Four Seasons San Francisco, you can stay in one of its 277 rooms on one of its 42 floors. The property combines the architecture of Gary Handel and Associates and the interior design of Meyer Davis, which embodies the city's spirit.

(Images courtesy of The Four Seasons San Francisco.)


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