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A Journey Beyond To The Land Down Under: Why You Should Go On A Journey Beyond Trip

(Image courtesy of Journey Beyond. The image depicts Journey Beyond Cruise in Sydney, Australia.)

Australia is the place where the four elements converge. Its Great Barrier Reef acts as both natural protector and economic stimulator. The Aboriginal people respect the land and teach everyone the importance of sustainability efforts. Australia's culinary scene fires the tastebuds and imagination of the world's chefs. The air is how many people travel to this one of kind place. I had the chance to speak with Gisele, Group Communications Manager at Journey Beyond, to learn how the company provides the ultimate travel experience.

(Image courtesy of Journey Beyond. The image depicts Horizontal Falls in Talbot Bay.)

1. What makes Journey Beyond different from other companies?

Journey Beyond is Australia’s leading experiential tourism group. We operate 13 brands spanning the country, from iconic trains – The Ghan, Indian Pacific, Great Southern and The Overland – to premium small-group outback operator Outback Spirit, Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef – an eco-luxe lodge in remote Western Australia, Cruise Whitsundays, Rottnest Express, Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures, Darwin Harbour Cruises, Journey Beyond Cruise Sydney; Melbourne Skydeck and Eureka 89. There is a lot of variety in the experiences we have on offer, as well as the locations we operate in – we cover almost all of Australia.

(Image courtesy of Journey Beyond. The image depicts The Ghan Expedition Telegraph Station Dinner in Alice Springs, NT.)

2. Why should someone visit Australia?

There are so may reasons to visit Australia, but I think our spectacular natural landscapes and features are a particular highlight. We have a bit of everything – gorges carved through escarpments, rainforest, waterfalls, white-sand beaches, the Red Centre, and more. Then there’s our native wildlife, most of which is endemic to Australia. I mean, who doesn’t love a quokka or a wombat? Throw in great cuisine, vibrant cities, and a thriving arts scene and there are multiple reasons to visit. Plus, it’s so big and diverse that you can keeping coming back to dive deeper.

(Image courtesy of Journey Beyond. The image depicts CWS Hero Great Barrier Reef.)

3. How does Journey Beyond incorporate its mission and vision into your product offerings?

Journey Beyond is focussed on bringing Australia's unique and iconic experiences to life. Our purpose is “Sharing special place, shaping lasting memories.” We’re passionate about the places in which we operate, the memories taken away by our guests and their enthusiasm as ambassadors of the incredible experiences we bring to life. We instil a sense of place into all of our experiences and our staff and crew play a crucial role into making sure every guest experience is memorable – we aim to turn amazing into breathtaking with everything we do.

(Image courtesy of Journey Beyond. The image depicts Outback Spirit Experience Kimberly, Drysdale River 8.)

4. What is the future of the company?

We will keep striving to provide exceptional experiences that connect people to the country. We love what we do and aim to continually build on our offerings.

(Image courtesy of Journey Beyond. The image depicts Cruise Whitesundays Great Barrier Reef Adventure.)


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