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A Sparkly Future: Why The Future Is Bright For Jessica Jade

(Image courtesy of Marco Ovando. The image depicts Jaida Essense Hall wearing a custom Jessica Jade orange Crystal top, choker, and jeans. Hall was styled by Guvanch.)

Fashion holds a mirror to society. It reflects the generational ethos, passions, and current events. While others see our world in varying degrees of drab, Jessica Jade believes in optimism and uses her fashion to add sparkles and color to the world. Icons like Christina Aguilera, Noah Cyrus, Brad Mondo, and Anitta have worn her works in world-class magazines (Vogue Brasilia), music videos (Sabrina Carpenter's Because I Liked A Boy), and events (LA Pride). I had the chance to speak with Jessica to learn more about her brand.

(Image courtesy of Julian Burzynski's Instagram. The image depicts Burzynski wearing a Jessica Jade Corset, Gloves, Suspenders, Shirt, and Collar for a Met Gala event.)

1. What is your fashion design background?

I went to Drexel University and got my bachelor of science in Fashion Design. While in college, I studied

abroad at the London College of Fashion which exposed me to the European and American fashion industries. After school, I moved to New York before working in France with Parisian couture and South Africa in Capetown garment manufacturing. When I returned to the states, I had the chance to work with some fantastic designers. But, when the pandemic hit in March 2020, I lost my job. In December 2020, I officially started my brand, Jessica Jade.

(Image credit: Zee Nunes for Vogue Brasilia. Anitta is wearing a Jessica Jade custom headpiece for her Vogue Brasilia Cover. Anitta was styled Ron Hartleben. Anitta's makeup and hair were done by Rai and Evanie Frausto, respectively.)

2. How do you incorporate your passions and interests into your designs?

I grew up emulating my older sister's Y2K music, clothes, and movies. I always listened to Brittney Spears, watched Disney Princess movies, and wore brightly colored clothes. This Y2K influence can be seen in my work as I incorporate my love of sparkles and color. My clothes are both sexy and tasteful. I want people to know that when I design my clothes, I create clothes that I would want to wear myself.

(Image courtesy of Ron Hartleben. The image depicts Sabrina Carpenter wearing a Jessica Jade crystal fringe belt "in “because i liked a"boy” music video.)

3. Who is the Jessica Jade customer?

My clothes are for everybody and any person. I want everyone to wear my clothes regardless of gender or size. The Jessica Jade customer would be the life of the party who embodies the princess rockstar aesthetic.

(Image courtesy of Bonnie Nicholads. The image depicts Nia Sioux wearing a Jessica Jade Bikini top. Nia was styled by Naomi Zin. Nia's hair and makeup were done by Angelina Panelli and Britten Faith respectively.)

4. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your work?

I try to incorporate my mission and vision into everything I do. When designing my garments, I want to ensure that my clothes fit different kinds of bodies. So, I create lace-up garments that adjust to wearer'ser's body type. Regarding social media, I want to represent all my customers and make sure I choose images that create an inclusive environment.

(Image courtesy of Jelani Rice. The Image depicts Paperboy Love Prince for Rolling Stone Magazine wearing a Jessica Jade necklace and bracelet. Paperboy Love Prince was styled by Lissa Regnier.)

5. What advice would you give to people wanting to start in the fashion industry?

My biggest advice for people who want to start out is to learn the fundamentals such as sewing and drawing. Youtube allows people to learn any skill under the sun. I did not know how to sew when I started school. On the weekends, you could find me sitting in front of a sewing machine, learning how to use it. Fashion design goes beyond drawing and sketching.

(Image courtesy Ryan Seek. The Image depicts Faith Chan wearing a Jessica Jade top. Faith Chan was styled by Tyra Watson. Chan's hair and makeup were done by Erica Ryan)

You must learn to take a 2d piece of paper and create something for the human form. - Jessica Jade

It's vital to understand how garments are created before marketing the clothes.

(Images courtesy of Jessica Jade's Instagram page. Images depict Noah Cyrus wearing a Jessica Jade Mask, choker, bag. Cyrus was styled by Phil Gomez.)

6. What is the future of Jessica Jade?

You can find me at New York Fashion Week on September 9th, showing my new line. My ready-to-wear will be launching on September 10th too!

(Image courtesy of Rodin Eckenroth. Image depicts Christinia Auguileria wearing a Jessica Jade feather harness and matching fan for her 2022 LA Pride performance )


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