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Andrea C. Cameron Foundation

(Image courtesy of the Andrea C. Cameron Foundation)

Education is all a matter of building bridges- Ralph Ellison

In a family of contractors, Andrea C. Cameron was the master at building bridges. Every word written or spoken about her cemented that fact. In every facet of her life, she was the person who went above and beyond for anyone and everyone. As a Realtor, she helped her clients feel at home through every stage of the house-hunting process. In her personal life, she was everyone's mom whenever they needed one, whether volunteering at different non-profits or her three son's sports teams.

Andrea passed away on February 29, 2020, and the community she empowered will continue her legacy. On March 6, 2020, her sons, Tyler, Austin, and Ryan, created the Andrea C. Cameron Foundation. The foundation's mission is to "help less-privileged students enroll in a technical school or college of their choice with a scholarship and thereby bettering their lives and those around them." I had the opportunity to speak with Austin, the foundation president, to learn more about the organization.

(Image courtesy of the Andrea C. Cameron Foundation)

1. What was the catalyst behind the foundation?

After my mom passed, my brothers, father, and I wanted to keep her impact alive. When starting the foundation, we wanted to showcase the kindness she showed to all in her community. She always treated her clients with the utmost respect and compassion. She was the person to drive her clients to appointments or change lightbulbs for them. In her personal life, she invested in helping the community and, in particular, Jupiter High School. She was arguably most supportive and involved parent at Jupiter High School, the legacy she built must be continued.

(Image courtesy of the Andrea C. Cameron Foundation)

2. Whats the mission of the organization?

My mother believed in the people. She focused on a person's soul rather than career aspiration, background, or anything like that. If you were a good person, my mom would help you in any way, shape, or form. The foundation believes that if you give anyone opportunity, they will rise to the occasion. We will provide the springboard and toolkit for career and personal development for students.

3. In one year from now, what would you want the foundation to accomplish?

Ideally, the foundation will have at least two students enrolled in college or technical school. We will ensure access to mentors, school supplies (from textbooks to dorms supplies), and more. The students will have the opportunity to use the foundation's extensive network to help them transition from high school to higher education.


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