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Design Thinking: Hermetica Paris

(Image courtesy of Hermetica Paris.)

In Graduate School, one of the buzzwords professors love to discuss is "Design Thinking." Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding (Dam and Siang). Design Thinking enables a company to understand consumer needs to serve their audience better. For this project, I contacted different companies to learn how the organizations apply Design Thinking to their market offerings. I spoke with Helene to learn more about Hermetica Paris.

(Image courtesy of Hermetica Paris.)

1. What makes Hermetica Paris different from other brands on the market?

Hermetica Paris is a pioneer in combining the luxury of fragrance-making with a clean and alcohol-free formula. Clara and John Molloy, willing to initiate a new way to experience perfume, imagine fragrances as close as possible to the skin, like an olfactive dance that makes you feel good thanks to the magic of scent.


(Video courtesy of Hermetica Paris.)

2. How does Hermetica Paris allow all skin types to be able to have a great result?

Years of research with our partner led us to a unique alcohol-free composition with a moisturizing property, making the fragrance smoother and softer for all skin. The secret of this hydration is contained in a new generation of green molecules, produced according to a patented process from bagasse - sugarcane stalk residue from which the juice has been extracted - obtained sustainably. It offers a greater sensorial quality to the formula. Beauty has entered a new era where you want to feel nice and do good to your body and the environment and know more about what you want to apply to the skin.


(Image courtesy of Hermetica Paris.)

3. Why should someone buy Hermetica Paris products?

Hermetica Paris offers a nice gesture addressed to your body and the planet, a pleasant and satisfying feeling.


(Image courtesy of Hermetica Paris.)

4. What is the future of the company?

To bring more and more emotions and well-being thanks to our perfumes while respecting the planet. It comes through a new brand identity, with a 100% paper-made and recyclable pack, customized with the collage of each fragrance: more modern, dynamic, and young thanks to our pop and colorful visual universe. And a new bottle with a transparent frosted softer green to be more aligned with the smooth, clean & alcohol-free formula of Hermetica Paris, which leaves a gentle touch on the skin.  

(Image courtesy of Hermetica Paris.)


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