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Forward: A Conversation with hinter

(Image courtesy of hinter. Image was taken by Robert Pilichowski)

In German, the word hinter means behind. Yet, the company hinter is at the forefront of property management. This group combines architecture and nature to create a unique stay. I had the chance to speak with Emily P. to learn more about the company.

(Image courtesy of hinter. Image was taken by David Dworkind)

1. Why should someone stay at a hinter property?

Hinter spaces are not exactly a hotel, nor exactly a short-term rental. They are aiming to be that hybrid, where every detail is thought out, from the furniture, the interior design, the landscape, to the tea kettle, the hand soap, the cotton robes; all while incorporating that deeply human element of telling stories, understanding what the guests want, and designing an experience that delivers just that. We believe less is more, and minimal spaces provide room to think, to create, to disconnect and to simply be. The hinter experience is for those who crave nature, yet appreciate fine details and comfort, all while giving themselves an opportunity to slow down, in the hopes of bringing that energy back into their every day lives.

(Image courtesy of hinter. Image taken by L'Escale Journal)

2. How can a person see the combination of nature, travel, architecture, and well-being at a hinter property? The spaces we build are thought out to do just that--merge the outside and inside worlds, where the lines become blurred. Spaces that invite the outside in, through large, floor-to-ceiling windows, clean lines and calming tones. We work with architects who truly understand the philosophies behind Scandinavian and Japanese design, where simplicity shines through and details are everything.

(Image courtesy of hinter. Image was taken by David Dworkind)

3. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your work?

Our mission is not only to provide sacred spaces for humans, but to be gentle with our planet, and be intentional with everything we do. That said, we plant 10 trees for every booking through our One Tree Planted partnership. Additionally, as much as possible, we use biodegradable products, locally made furniture and support local artisans. We are strong believers that companies should give back more than what they take, so for that reason, we are a carbon negative company and continue to think of more ways for us to make our spaces as sustainable as possible.

(Image courtesy of hinter. Image was taken by Kyle Poole)

4. What is the future of the company?

We are extremely excited for so many things to come, but in the short-term future, we're launching a larger project of 200+ acres with a development of 50 houses. They'll be up for sale as well as part of the hotel, so definitely stay tuned.

(Image courtesy of hinter. Image was taken by Kyle Poole)


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