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Let's Take Life Slower: How Vita lenta Shows You A Different Side Of Instagram.

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Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I visualize the azure waters off the coast of Italy. There are no clouds in the sky. I smell the fresh ocean breeze with undertones of unnamed citrus. The gentle waves put my worries in perspective: the problems or pain I face today are finite, and one day, this insurmountable issue will be either a story I tell at cocktail parties or a future blog post. 

(Image courtesy of me.)

My mind is transported to Dante's Paradiso for fewer than eight seconds. The reason is simple: the moment I begin to relax, I get a swarm of notifications. The incessant phone buzzing reminds me of the latest sales, news stories, and social media posts. I return to reality and the incessant ringing tolls of everyday life.

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In 2015, Microsoft published a study that declared a goldfish has a longer attention span than a human (McSpadden, 2015). In the almost nine years since this study was published, one can assume that society's collective attention span continued on its downward trajectory. But what if there was a social media account that recognized this plight?

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 Gianvito Fanelli curates the Instagram account Vita lenta to remind people there is magic in life's simple joys. I spoke with Fanelli to learn more about his insights on social media. 

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1. How can a person stand out on social media?

The only recipe for success is to always stay true to your values. It's essential not to look for shortcuts to get results. It takes a lot of luck, it is true, but when luck turns your way, you will create something that represents and respects who you are.

(Image courtesy of Gianvito Fanelli.)

2. What are some tips to succeed in curating an Instagram?

Experiment, but never betray your values. - Gianvito Fanelli

(Video courtesy of Gianvito Fanelli.)

In the case of Vita lenta, I publish videos that conform to my style guidelines. While some might see this as anti-evolutionary, my distinct style has helped make the page known and loved. 

(Video courtesy of Gianvito Fanelli.)

3. What is the future of the page?

I want to create "parallel" projects. Instagram is a great way to connect with people, but it fails to communicate all I want to tell my audience. I want to start a blog or newsletter and create a podcast. 

(Video courtesy of Gianvito Fanelli.)


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