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Life Could Be A Dream At The Resort At Pelican Hill

(Image courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.)

In 1954, The Chords sang how life could be a dream if one can be taken to paradise. This paradise is where a person's plans would go flawlessly and surrounded by loved ones. When you go to The Resort at Pelican Hill, you start to understand how these lyrics ring true. The property combines Italian Renaissance architecture and Californian ethos to create a unique Newport Beach experience. I had the chance to speak with Sarah Kruer, Director of Branded Experiences, to learn more about why you should stay at the property.

(Image courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.)

1. Why should someone stay at the resort at Pelican Hill?

We are one of a kind. The property was not built like a typical hotel, as we are an independent property on 504 acres. Instead, The Resort at Pelican Hill® appears as a Mediterranean village nestled into the rolling hillsides of the Southern California coastline. Andrea Palladio, the father of Italian Renaissance architecture, served as the main architectural inspiration. Our accommodations are bungalows which start at 800 square feet and feature their own private patio. When you walk around the property, you walk on residential-style streets. Our guests feel like they are at their home away from home.

(Image courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.)

2. How has the property evolved since its founding?

In 2008, we opened our doors. In our fifteen years, we have evolved to combine Italian influences and our beautiful Mediterranean landscape with a distinctly California sensibility to create a memorably unique experience.

(Image courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.)

3. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your services?

While each visitor comes to the property for a different reason (a golf getaway,

family trip, or corporate retreat), our mission is to give our guests a chance to pause from the constant digital barrage and experience an environment full of peace and tranquility. We want The Resort at Pelican Hill® to be a sanctuary of sea and sky, a retreat for all guests.

(Image courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.)

4. What are some of the sites everyone should visit in Newport?

We are at the intersection between Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. Newport Beach's harbor is the largest private recreational harbor on the west coast. When visiting Newport Beach's harbor, you will find small commercial ships, paddle boards, and kayaks. You can venture to Crystal Cove State Park. The park is known for its stunning views, original architecture, and fascinating history. When someone stays with us, we connect guests with historians and environmentalists with guided tours of the areas. We want our guests to understand our home's environmental and historical significance.

(Image courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.)

5. What is the future of the property?

We want to continue to deliver authentic exceptional travel experiences.

(Image courtesy of The Resort at Pelican Hill.)


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