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Mile High Luxury: How The Four Seasons Denver and Vail are at the apex of luxury travel.

(Image courtesy of Four Seasons Vail)

Colorado's cool scenery and warm people make it a must for any traveler. When travelers journey to the Heart of the Rockies, tourists have access to natural wonders, kind people, and great food. While Colorado has many towns to explore, Denver and Vail stand at the forefront of Colorado tourism. I had the opportunity to speak with Jonathan Reap, Director of Public Relations and Communications at The Four Seasons Denver and Vail properties, to learn more about how both properties elevate any traveler's experience.

(Image courtesy of Four Seasons Denver)

1. Why is there a tourism boom in Colorado?

Colorado is appealing to anyone who's looking to find adventure and solace. It is home to great hiking and beautiful lakes. Another great thing is that in Colorado, everything is really easy to get to. It takes an hour and a half to get from Downtown Denver to the Heart of Vail Village. Vail is home to the largest single mountain ski and snowboard resort in the United States. The village's architecture is a hybrid of Disneyland and a Tyrollean Austrian village. Denver is home to great art, culinary, craft brew, music, and theater scene. Colorado itself is the home of many hidden gems. The drive to these gems is almost as rewarding as the places themselves as one drives through the heart of the Rockies. Coloradans are good people who strive to have an excellent work-life balance.

(Image courtesy of Four Seasons Denver)

2. How does The Four Seasons Denver differ from the Four Seasons Vail properties?

Four Seasons Denver is a city property located in Downtown Denver. The hotel caters to group meetings, inventive and leisure travel. The Four Season Resort and Residences in Vail are on the mountain. The Vail property is primarily a draw for leisure travelers, small to medium size groups and incentive travel. Travelers at these properties come for outdoor activities all year round (skiining and snowboarding in the winter, while mountain biking and hiking in the summer). As for the overall Four Seasons Brand, we appeal to the same type of travelers. Guests in Denver realize that Vail is only an hour and a half away; as a result, quite often, they'll end up booking Vail as a leisure location during their trip.

(Image courtesy of Four Seasons Vail)

.3. How has the Four Seasons evolved in the face of COVID-19?

Four Seasons partnered with Johns Hopkins University and their medical facilities to develop thorough guidelines and procedures for our team to follow called Lead With Care. The hotel offers virtual temperature screening when you walk in the door and elevated safety measures through all service points. Guests can feel confident that the team took that extra care to provide them a clean environment, and are following physical distancing measures and local guidelines. The main focus of this past year is to ensure our guests and staff feel comfortable and safe. - Alison Graul, Four Seasons Philadelphia

The Four Seasons Vail Resort and Residences Vail was the first Four Seasons property

to close in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic on March 16, 2020. Since

reopening on July 1, 2020, following the brand-wide implementation of Lead with Care guidelines, which enable us to serve our guests and keep everyone safe, the property has been quite busy. The Four Seasons Hotel Denver closed mid-pandemic in November of 2020 and reopened on May 31, 2021. Both properties experienced top-to-bottom renovations over the past year allowing us to redesign and upgrade guest rooms, suites, common areas, bars and restaurants.

(Image courtesy of Four Seasons Vail)

4. What are the top sites in Denver and Vail anyone should visit?

Denver is home to the Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Zoo, and many museums. The Denver Center of the Performing Arts (DCPA) brings a killer lineup and it's right across the street from our Denver property. from our Denver property. This December, The DCPA will be home to The Lion King. Denver also has a rich street art scene and visit many microbreweries and distilleries. The Denver property is very close to all the sports stadiums in the area. The hotel is only thirty minutes away from the Red Rocks amphitheater. Many leading artists come to Denver to play at Red Rocks.

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Vail is home to the some of best skiing in the world. It's home to the best snow and three hundred days of sunshine.Vail offers the most amazing experiences for guests - exploring the great outdoors, learning about the history of alpine skiing and snowboarding at the local museum, and enjoying world renowned artists, symphonies, and dance festivals at the Ford Amphitheater and other nearby venues.

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