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In The Zone in Scottsdale: Why You Should Visit Scottsdale, Arizona

(Image courtesy of Experience Scottsdale)

Scottsdale, Arizona, combines the friendliness and food of the Midwest with the jaw-dropping natural beauty of the Southwest. I had the opportunity to speak with Stephanie, Director of Community Affairs of Experience Scottsdale, to learn more about this fantastic city.

(Image courtesy of Experience Scottsdale)

Why should someone visit Scottsdale ?

Scottsdale is the nexus of relaxation and adventure. Our sunny skies and stunning Sonoran Desert create the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities and adventures, while our luxurious spas, arts and cultural attractions, and chef-driven restaurants allow visitors to unwind and indulge. Scottsdale also offers an advantage that few other destinations can match – the luxury of space. From campus-style resorts to a lush desert landscape, Scottsdale is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a getaway that allows for room to roam.

(Image courtesy of Experience Scottsdale)

How has Scottsdale adapted in the face of COVID-19?

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, many of Scottsdale’s hospitality businesses closed or shifted their business models. Museums and attractions moved their experiences online, restaurants transitioned to takeout, and shopping centers began offering curbside pick-up. Fortunately, with COVID-19 cases declining and vaccinations rising, businesses have resumed regular operations in recent months and signature special events have returned. Yet some changes made during the height of the pandemic, including enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols, remain in place today.

(Image courtesy of Experience Scottsdale)

What are the top sites anyone should see in Scottsdale?

Whether a first-time visitor or a seasoned regular, there are some quintessential Scottsdale experiences travelers simply shouldn’t miss. In the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, the largest urban preserve in the nation, travelers will hike or bike hundreds of miles of scenic trails that showcase the beauty of the Sonoran Desert – from towering saguaro cacti to vibrant wildflowers. In Old Town Scottsdale, travelers will roam nine walkable neighborhoods that offer a variety of experiences day and night. They’ll learn about Scottsdale’s beginnings in the Historic District, browse the galleries of the Arts District, shop the boutiques along Fifth Avenue, and experience the energy of Scottsdale’s nightlife in the Entertainment District. More opportunities and experiences can be found at our website,

(Image courtesy of Experience Scottsdale)

How has Scottsdale shifted its efforts during the pandemic?

At Experience Scottsdale, we’ve kept travelers apprised of the changing COVID-19 conditions and closures to ensure their visits in Scottsdale are as safe as they are enjoyable. And we’ve encouraged those visiting our community to take our Safe Traveler Pledge, a few simple steps to minimize the risk of COVID-19. With our marketing, we’ve reminded people why they travel in the first place – to seek new experiences and make meaningful memories. We’ve aimed to keep travelers inspired about visiting Scottsdale by showcasing the memories that await them in our city.

(Image courtesy of Experience Scottsdale)

What is the future of tourism in Scottsdale?

Experience Scottsdale is optimistic about the months ahead for our tourism industry. We saw visitors return during our high tourism season in the spring as they enjoyed our perennial sunny weather and our special events like Cactus League Spring Training baseball. We hope that momentum continues as the pandemic continues to evolve.

(Image courtesy of Experience Scottsdale)


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