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One Shoe At A Time: A Conversation With Brooks Running

(Image courtesy of Brooks Running.)

Why does society value running? Is it because time is limited, or are we chasing a high? In the running shoe market, companies advertise how they constantly move toward the next best thing. But what if I told you there was a brand that knows they can stop and smell the roses? Brooks Running Shoes cemented its place in the running world as a tried and true shoe. I spoke with Megan S., Corporate Public Relations Specialist, to learn more about the company.

(Image courtesy of Brooks Running.)

1. What makes Brooks different from other shoes on the market?

I think what makes Brooks different is how we put the runner first and use scientific backing to support our claims and how we create and design product. At Brooks, the runner is at the center of everything we do. We stand out from the competition by involving runners closely in our research and innovation. And the way we understand runners is ever-evolving.

This boils down to Brooks’ Run Signature, our holistic approach to understanding the runner and their experience on the run. This methodology of real-world biomechanics promises to provide optimized running gear and personalized experiences based on runners’ individual goals and biomechanical needs. I think Brooks does a great job of understanding the runner in this way and using that to create great experiences that are tailored to every kind of runner and walker out there.

(Image courtesy of Brooks Running's Instagram.)

2. Where does Brooks find inspiration during its design process?

While I’m not directly involved with the design process here at Brooks, I know we look first to the runner, which I mentioned below. Much of our inspiration comes from putting our ears to the ground and listening to what runners and walkers seek in their products and overall experience. I also think we look at the kinds of environments runners are running in. Be it your neighborhood block or city park, on a treadmill, or up a mountain, tailoring products to match that feeling goes a long way. Our new High Point trail collection draws on the colors of the trails around us to pull that feeling into its apparel and footwear.

3. How does Brooks incorporate its mission and vision into its products?

I love Brooks's mantra, Run Happy, and our mission aligns well with those words: to inspire everyone to run their path. This is something that I see folks embody in their work at the company and by encouraging customers to access positive emotions and experiences in the same way. One of our values is Runner First, which I think speaks to how we look at building innovative new products and aligns with our mission. Creating an award-winning product is about listening to the runner and their needs. We believe everyone has their unique Run Signature, which helps us consider the individual when we look at the types of fit, feel and ride many runners seek out. Informed by our scientific research, we assess how each body naturally runs. Then, we empower runners with choices of how they want to experience the run-be it soft, springy, flexible, or fast. I think that is really inspiring when considering Brooks’ mission and its presence in everything we do.

(Image courtesy of Brooks Running's Instagram.)

4. What is the future of the company?

While I’m just one person on the Brooks team, I do know that our CEO sees a lot of potential in the running space as a whole. Our goal is to be the number one brand for all who run, and with more than 150 million people running worldwide, we see a bright future for the sport and its community. In terms of Brooks, I think we’ll continue to do what we do best - listening to the runner and using those insights to build great performance products while looking for ways to be a positive force in the global running community.


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