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Onwards Towards Singapore: Why You Should Visit Singapore

(Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. The image depicts Merlion Park.)

Cosmopolitan derives from the Greek word Kosmopolitēs, which translates to a citizen of the world (Kleingeld & Brown,2019). Cities worldwide clamor to be called Cosmopolitian, yet one place embodies the word. Singapore synthesizes the past, present, and future by combining Southeastern Asian influences to create a unique place. I had the chance to speak with Rachel Loh, Senior Vice President at Singapore Tourism Board, to learn why you should visit.

(Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. The image depicts Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay, with Marina Bay Sands in the background.)

1. Why should someone visit Singapore?

Singapore is a place where words fail to give it justice. We have only been a country for fifty-seven years. In those fifty-seven years, Singapore has blossomed into a metropolitan oasis. In terms of size, Singapore is relatively small as it is roughly the same size as 60% of the NYC boroughs combined. Visitors and locals can get around the city via public transportation or walk around this densely populated place. When a person goes to Singapore, they enter a town where everyone speaks English (the country's official language). One can explore Singapore's district neighborhoods and see how the country embraces its immigrant population in Chinatown or Little India.

(Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. The image depicts colorful shophouses in one of Singapore's neighborhoods.)

Singapore's small size means the country must optimize its space. Biophilic design features prominently throughout Singapore's architecture. Many iconic buildings are designed with nature in mind by using natural elements like wooden materials and organic shapes and incorporating green features such as rooftop gardens and green walls, to restore nature in our urban landscape.

(Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. The image depicts House of Tan Teng Niah in Little India.)

2. Please describe Singaporean food.

Singapore is famous for its Hawkers. Hawkers are street food vendors found all over the city. In a multicultural place like Singapore, Hawkers infuse their cultural heritage into their products. A Hawker range from the commonplace to the unusual, but expect long lines and queues. Locals and visitors eat side by side at all hours of the day. Singapore is also known for its cocktails and is constantly picked as one of the best places to have a cocktail.

(Image courtesy The Traveller DMC PTE. LTD. The image depicts a Hawkers stall.)

3. What are the major industries in Singapore?

The main industries in Singapore are manufacturing, energy and infrastructure, financial services, biotechnology and hospitality.

(Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. The image depicts Henderson Waves.)

4. What are some famous sites everyone should see?

When you enter Singapore, our airport is world-famous, especially for its newest attraction Jewel Changi Airport, which has the Rain Vortex, the world's largest and tallest indoor waterfall. l. Films like Crazy Rich Asians highlighted Tyesall Park and Marina Bay Sands.

(Image courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board. The image depicts the Singapore Zoo. )

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