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Perpetual State of Evolution: Why You Should Stay at The Setai-Miami Beach

(Image courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The image depicts the Exterior Building From Below.)

We are experiencing the industrial hospitality revolution. We live in an age where properties are built on a Henry Ford-like assembly line. Many hotels follow a formulaic pattern of services and accommodations. What if the assembly line eventually gives out? Are visitors simply the nuts and bolts that keep the operation going? Consequently, a hotel follows the established pattern to ensure guests have a mediocre time.

The Setai in Miami Beach adheres to a different philosophy. When visitors enter the art-deco edifice, the property welcomes guests with a unique frequency. It is one of the few places on earth that hums to the constant rate of growth and evolution. Its perpetual motion towards doing right by its guests, staff, and community makes The Setai a jewel on Miami Beach. I had the chance to speak with Diana Robbins., Director of Marketing & Public Relations, to learn more about why you should visit The Setai-Miami Beach.

(Image courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The image depicts a Coconut drink.)

1. Why should someone stay at The Setai?

The Setai is different from your average Miami property. We offer the perfect combination of luxury, privacy, and history to create a uniquely Setai experience. We incorporate Miami Beach's famous Art Deco architecture in our interiors and exterior design. When you enter the property, we adhere to Art Deco design principles in our buildings' exterior, elevators, furniture, and ceilings.

(Image courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The image depicts an Art Deco Studio Suite.)

Miami is unique because it seamlessly blends the metropolitan and the beach. Like any city, space can be rare and hard to come by. But at The Setai, we give guests the freedom to relish the buzz of the city and that decongestive feeling one can only get by the water. Our guests love to see pristine coastlines and Art Deco architecture views from every room. If someone wants to stay in our Ocean Tower, we offer a combination of residential life (kitchens, multiple bathrooms, etc.) and hotel living.

(Images courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The images depict various accommodations on the property.)

2. What is the food scene like at the Setai?

We are known for our food. We have three on-property restaurants, Jaya, Ocean Grill, and The Bar & Courtyard, that offer guests high-quality food across different culinary genres.

(Image courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The image depicts Jaya's Asian Bazaar Night.)

Jaya means victory in Sanskrit. Head Chef Vijayudu Veena spearheads this culinary victory by celebrating Southeast and Northern Asian cuisine. When a person goes to Jaya, they can partake in our innovative dining experiences at Sunday Jazz Brunch (11:30 am- 3 pm) and Asian Night Bazaar Dinner (Thursdays: 6 pm - 11 pm; Fridays & Saturdays: 6 pm - 11:30 pm).

(Images courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The images depict some of Jaya's dishes. The top left image is the truffle dumpling, the top right is Hamachi, the bottom left is the Thali platter, and the bottom is Peking Duck.)

The Ocean Grill combines the best of the Italian Riveria and Miami Beach. The restaurant is open from 11 am- 11 pm and provides excellent Mediterranean, American, and specialty seafood cuisine and views of Miami beach. The Bar & Courtyard pays homage to Maimi's nightlife. Anyone 21 and over can try our Japanese Whisky and Signature Cocktails. In the Summer of 2023, Japón will offer guests a unique twist on Japanese cuisine.

(Images courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The left image depicts some of The Ocean Grill's dishes. The right image shows the Siagon Gimlet.)

3. What are some must-see sites for anyone visiting Miami Beach?

Coconut Groove and Coral Gables are great places to check out hidden culinary and shopping gems. The Brickell pairs well with Miami Beach because it offers a unique juxtaposition to beach life. If you go to Brickell, you must go to Dirty French. If you want to reconnect with nature, I recommend visiting Virginia Key.

(Image courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The image depicts the beach.)

4. What is the future of the property?

We are constantly trying to elevate the property. We partner with companies like Palm Angels to create unique offerings like apparel. As an independent hotel, we are lucky to be able to navigate challenges and turn them into growth opportunities.

(Image courtesy of The Setai- Miami Beach. The image depicts the pool at sunrise.)


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