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Picture Perfect: A Conversation with Artstar

(Image Courtesy of ArtStar. Picture depicts Cameron Burns's Angel Astro. You can order this piece at defines Investment in two ways, "the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value and a devoting, using, or giving of time, talent, emotional energy, etc., as for a purpose or to achieve something." Art Collecting embodies both definitions of Investment. It allows buyers to gain instrumental and intrinsic benefits that continue to grow as the piece ages. This blog has given me the platform and confidence to use social media to learn from experts in various fields. I had the chance to talk with ArtStar Founder Chrissy Crawford Corredor to learn about investing in art.

(Image courtesy of Erin White Photography)

1. What makes a piece of art timeless?

This one is tough. Art is so subjective and the market responds to trends. I think the real test is to see if there is a secondary market for an artist 30 years or so after they sell work on the primary market. See if people still want the work after the trend has died down.

(Image courtesy of ArtStar. The piece shown is Primary Pose by Tropico Photo. You can order this piece at )

2. How can one invest with art?

I think it's good to start investing in multiples like prints, photography, or objects. They are less expensive and you can collect editions by incredible artists at more affordable prices.

(Image Courtesy of ArtStar. Image shown is Minjin Mijoo Eiffel Tower. You can order this piece at )

3. What are the up-and-coming trends in the art world for the next few years?

NFT's and art on TV screens. The world of digital art and blockchain is exploding!

(Image courtesy of ArtStar. Piece shown is Floyd P. Stanley's Elton John. You can order this piece at

4. When is the best time of year to buy art?

Galleries hold their best works for the biggest fairs. December in Miami or September in Basel are usually when galleries will release their top pieces.

(Image courtesy of ArtStar. This picture depicts Jessica Brilli's LANDSEND. One can order this piece at )

5. How can students begin to add art pieces for their collection while in school?

Start looking on Artsy for edition sales and auctions featuring affordable multiples. There is a lot of great, affordable work out there if you have time to start looking. Even exhibition posters can become valuable over time. Also have fun with it. Collecting should be enjoyable.

(Image courtesy of ArtStar. This piece is The Hope Factory by Fares Micue. You can order this piece at

Thank you Chrissy for teaching my about Art Collecting. I look forward to one day to own a piece from Artstar. If you want to order a piece from Artstar go to

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