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R&R in a Tropical Escape: Why You Should Stay at The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons)

For many people, moving to a big city is something anyone in their twenties needs to accomplish. This rite of passage allows twenty-somethings to sojourn in cosmopolitan areas and live a "friends" like experience. But city living has its drawbacks. A city is a hive of overstimulation, overpopulation, and overpricing. Consequently, moments of reflection or contemplation are rarer than finding a decent parking spot. When you are in a concrete jungle or suburban savanna, you need an escape. The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles in Petite Anse bay offers a luxurious refuge. Here are some reasons why you should visit the property.

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons)

1. Rejuvenate: This property is located on the verdant hilltops that face the famous Petite Anse beach. Even though the hotel is only thirty minutes from the airport, visitors are transported to a different world where the property's treehouse-style villas are nestled between verdure nature and ancient granite rocks. While staying at the property, guests can learn about marine ecology, biodiversity, and sustainability in various activities, including surf lessons with Tropicsurf and non-motorized watersports like kayaking and snorkeling.

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons)

2. Recenter: A hotel should follow Frank Llyod Wright's organic architecture model. Wright believed a building should respect the time and space where a structure is built. The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles follows this philosophy in its exterior and interior design. The hotel's home away from home ethos can be seen in its Creole-inspired interior design and tree-house-style villas.

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons)

3. Reinvigorate: When a person stays somewhere as magical as The Four Seasons Seychelles, photography alone can not impart all the natural beauty. The property collaborates with local artists, including Nigel Henri, to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The artists foster creativity and ingenuity by hiking with guests to show them the island's hidden gems. Once at the hidden gems, guests can create unique postcards to showcase their favorite parts of the island.

(Image courtesy of The Four Seasons)


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