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RIsing To The Occasion: Why You Should Stay at The Chanler at Cliff Walk

(Image courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk.)

Rhode Island's hospitality tradition originated in the state's origin and ethos. While other colonies persecuted anyone who did not fit the mold, The Ocean State offered a safe harbor. For over two hundred years, Rhode Island has continued to embrace hospitality. That's why writers, chefs, and hoteliers flock to the state to elevate their craft. The Ocean State is a light bearer to the ever-multiplying and complicated hospitality industry. But, there is one property that comprehends the value of warmth in the travel sector. The Chanler at Cliff Walk illuminates Newport as the home to one of the best hotels in the country. I spoke with Anney Jasinski, Marketing & Employee Culture Manager, to learn more about why you should visit the property.

(Image courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk.)

1. Why should someone stay at The Chanler at Cliff Walk?

We have a fantastic location in a picturesque city, but what sets us apart from the competition is our employees. As a boutique luxury hotel, we strive to give every guest personalized service and curate experiences based on getting to know each of our guests. Our team members work hard daily to ensure that memories are made, and guests leave feeling like they've just stayed at a private mansion, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

(Image courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk.)

2. How has The Chanler at Cliff Walk evolved since its founding?

The Chanler was built as a home to NY Senator John Winthrop Chanler and has evolved over the years from an all-girls school and museum to Navy housing and eventually the grand hotel it is today. Since taking over ownership in 2000, the Shufelt's started the Chanler's evolution with a three-year renovation project adding gilded age touches with modern elegance. The lavish design work is only a mere portion that keeps guests returning. The minute you step on the property, we want you to feel a sense of place and personalization with each employee interaction and experience.

(Image courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk.)

3. How does The Chanler at Cliff Walk incorporate its mission and vision into its services?

We take great pride in staff training and evolving with current trends and issues that arise. The team is empowered to make decisions and help with creative ideas to find and make the ultimate guest experience. Our kitchen takes great pride in cultivating relationships with local fishermen, farmers, and ranchers to ensure we provide guests with the best local ingredients. During covid, we took that time to build five on-property garden beds to deliver a ground-to-table experience for guests and provide culinary staff the training on how to develop a horticulture program for sustainability in future generations.

(Image courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk.)

4. What are the hidden gems of Newport?

Generally, travelers flock here during summer, but Newport is a fantastic place to visit in any season. We have beautiful beaches, water sports, and island vibes, but it is much more than that. The historical significance of the buildings alone is worth taking the drive. The Point section of Newport was saved from the wrecking ball by the efforts of two women, Doris Duke, and Katherine Warren, with the Newport Restoration Foundation, the homes located here are a fantastic step back in time. Locals know fall is the best time to visit, with the tree-lined streets transformed with vibrant colors, gas-lit lanterns, and pumpkins adorning the doorsteps. Quintessential New England.

(Image courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk.)

5. What is the future of the property?

The Chanler continues to evolve with the times as it has since 1873 while keeping its historic charm and elevating the dining and hotel scene in Newport. The culinary program is unlike anything in New England, wowing guests with nightly blind-tasting menus at Cara, an Apple Cider Bar in the fall, Hot Chocolate Bar in the winter, and a summer wine garden in partnership with Ca' del Bosco wines.

(Images courtesy of The Chanler at Cliff Walk.)


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