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Roam in Rome: Hidden Gems In The Eternal City

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Where is Rome? When you explore this city, every mile is covered by priceless landmarks. You can not walk one hundred steps without seeing a Roman ruin, Papal state fountain, or political embassy. Rome feels like a fever dream as it squeezes thousands of years of history into sixteen square miles. Consequently, you wonder if a modern city can exist or does Rome solely exists in written or visual media. The actual city lives in its hidden gems. Here are two hidden Roman gems.

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1. Parco Savello- Giardino Degli Aranci (The Orange Tree Gardens Park): The Orange Tree Gardens Park sits on Aventine Hill. Since 1932, the modern park has served as an oasis amid the bustling city. You feel like a local watching dogs romp, listen to violins, and smell the fresh air. To learn more about the park's history, please visit

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2. Cafe Grero: Sandwiched between Fendi and Gucci, Cafe Grero serves world-class luxuries. Since 1760, the cafe has provided sustenance for some of the world's greatest minds, such as Lord Byron and James Joyce. I accidentally found this cafe while walking near the Spanish steps. When you enter the shop, you are transported into a different era as you sit on red velvet cushions, gloved waiters take your order, and metallic coffee machines make your coffee. I sampled the chocolate coffee cake and pistachio green cake. The iced cappuccino was the perfect pick-me-up after a day in the Roman sun.

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