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Smiles from Salmon, Sturgeon, & More: Why You Should Buy From Roe Caviar

(Image courtesy of Roe Caviar.)

There are plenty of fish are in the sea; but only sustainably farmed Sturgeon and Salmon can grace Roe Caviar’s product offerings. Roe Caviar understands the balance of your flavor profile and what’s good for the planet. I spoke with co-founder Sarah Meyer to learn more about Roe Caviar. 

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1. How did you get into this realm? 

I went to NYU for college. I lived with two Russian-American roommates whose father lived in Russia at the time. Their dad would bring caviar because it was much more affordable to get it from there. So, they would go to the supermarket to buy Wonder Bread and butter. They would then make Wonder Bread with butter and caviar for breakfast for us. Our breakfasts were both a rare treat and my introduction to caviar.

(Image courtesy of Roe Caviar.)

 Before they introduced me to caviar, I knew caviar was an expensive delicacy. After graduating from college, I worked in the film industry. My boss invited me to his house for Thanksgiving and I wanted to bring something great.  My boss and his wife loved food, so I figured I would buy them caviar.

(Image courtesy of Roe Caviar.)

I went to a store to buy caviar. However, I was confused by the many options, sizes, and price points. I called my old roommate for help. He told me which one to buy. As I was checking out, the store put my gift in a plastic bag on ice. The presentation devalued the tasting experience of caviar.

 We discovered a need in the market and wanted to take the guesswork out of buying caviar. And make it a beautiful gifting experience. At Roe Caviar, we provide customers with a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing product.

(Image courtesy of Roe Caviar.)

2. How do you make caviar more accessible?

We have one main kind of caviar: White Sturgeon. We know that caviar is an expensive treat. We aim to show customers they do not need culinary training or fancy settings to enjoy it. They can eat it on a piece of toast with butter or a potato chip with creme fraiche.

(Image courtesy of Roe Caviar.)

3. How have you evolved since your founding?

When we first started, we focused on just caviar. We thought it would be a seasonal offering. But, we quickly realized it was a year round business and we have continued to grow quickly. The next step in our journey was introducing various sizes and gift boxes. We now offer our customers smoked salmon, créme fraîche, potato pancakes, and more.

(Images courtesy of Roe Caviar.)


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