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That's Amore: Palazzo Avino

(Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino)

For the past three hundred years, from April to September, The Amalfi Coast has become the epicenter of Italian hospitality. Visitors worldwide take in epic vistas, culinary marvels, and rich history. When choosing a property to stay at during your visit, one should look at the Palazzo Avino. The property enables visitors to dive into Italian culture. I had the chance to speak with Attilia Avino, Director of Sales and Marketing, where I learned more about why you should stay at the Palazzo Avino.

(Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino)

1. Why should someone visit the Palazzo Avino?

Palazzo Avino is a magical place in Ravello, the hidden gem of the Amalfi Coast, you can enjoy the quiet part of the coast and still be able to experience the sea with our private beach club.

(Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino)

2. How has the property evolved during the pandemic?

We did some huge renovations (7 rooms out of the 43 that we have completely redone from scratch), we try to improve our service and delivery a more authentic experience to the guest.

(Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino)

3.What are the must-see sights a person should see on the Amalfi Coast and how does the hotel add to that experience?

Ravello with the beautiful Villa Rufolo, enjoy a Martini at our Lobster and Martini Bar.

(Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino)

4. What is the future of tourism at the property?

We are seeing some increase despite the continues changing situations.

(Image courtesy of Palazzo Avino)


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