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The Dog Days Are Not Over: Why You Should Go To A Puppysphere For A Puppy Yoga Class

people doing yoga while a woman in a black workout outfit pets a yellow lab puppy.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere Yoga

Mindfulness is easier said than done. While you might be physically in one place, your mind races between your goals, ambitions, dreams, and responsibilities. So, where can you go to appreciate the everyday moments? I found the place that allows you to value the here and now: Puppysphere Yoga.

a woman is holding a French bull dog puppy on a pink yoga mat
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

When I saw Puppysphere on social media, I knew this women-founded and led company would be the perfect article subject. They graciously gifted me with two tickets for a class. Imagine working out with 5 French bulldog puppies from Miami Blue French Bulldogs running around as you practice your downward dog; your oxytocin levels skyrocket. At least, mine did. On the 9th floor of the Cygerina building, endorphins emanated as my brother and I worked on our breath work, flexibility, and core. As I sipped my water, I saw how little paws and big ears can transform a mundane afternoon into a bonding moment between my brother and me.

Rachel is wearing a agile poppy tank in heather gray and black nike leggings with cosco socks holding her iPhone taking a selfie with her brother josh who is wearing a black Adidas Indiana university shirt , grey nike shorts, grey adidas socks holding Miami blue French bull dog puppy zero.
Image courtesy of me

After class, my brother and I got a bite to eat from Maman. As we split the eggs ratatouille and I sipped my iced latte, I began to think of how my friends, not just in Miami but in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Toronto, could experience the same joy we did. I emailed Caitlyn Greenwood, who does Puppysphere Yoga's public relations efforts, a thank you for the class and knew this interview would be special. To learn more about Puppysphere, I spoke with Puppysphere founder Francesca McFadden to learn more about the company.

Image depicts founder Francesca McFadden wearing a green Puppysphere Yoga athletic jacket with white work out pants. She has a Apple Watch on her wrist and is holding a golden retriever puppy.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

1. What is your story?

Growing up, I was always the kid who was the entrepreneur. When I was around 11, I started a different business for kids older than me, which always got me in trouble at school. Later in life, I learned how to monetize products and services better. I studied biomedical sciences at McGill University in Montreal. While I was a student, I worked on a project at the University of Toronto focusing on cancer diagnostics that turned into a startup. We used non-invasive methods to detect cancer in the bloodstream versus an invasive biopsy. I was in that startup for four years and helped it grow by playing a part in raising about $2 million. But, the idea did not take off, and, eventually they changed the company completely.

Someone putting blood into a machine
Image courtesy of Media by Wix

In my spare time, I started an Instagram account that focused on making cities more accessible to pet owners, and pet owners loved it. In the first 3 months, I had 10,000 followers! Once I created a solid foundation, I tried to monetize it in a few ways, and eventually, the idea of puppy yoga completely blew up. I began to funnel all my time and money into it, and it ended up a huge success, Puppysphere, is a multinational corporation with a team of 100 incredible staff.

5 women sitting with 3 golden doodle puppies. 3 of the women are holding mimosas and the other 2 are holding belinis.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

2. What inspired the creation of Puppysphere?

I've always been super interested in wellness and utterly obsessed with dogs. I'm the person who needs to pet every single dog I see. After that random interaction, I exude joy. As a dog owner, I'm lucky to have the benefit of spending time with an animal. My dog brings me so much joy and is a naturally happy pup. People might not experience the benefits of having a dog due to job constraints, living situations, etc. At Puppysphere, we want to make puppy therapy experience accessible. We offer puppy therapy experiences without the commitment of pet ownership in an ethical way. 

A man is holding a phone to take a picture of a woman holding a yellow lab puppy.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

3. What are the health benefits of exercising with animals?

When people spend time with animals, the brain releases mood-boosting chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin. I've experienced and seen this firsthand. The best example is when Puppysphere goes to law firms. 10% of our private event clientele are law firms. It makes sense; law is a stressful profession. One time, a lawyer told us he had a hard stop for two minutes. He spent forty-five minutes with the puppies. His assistant came in looking for him, saying how late he was to his meetings and he needed to go. 

Image depicts a woman sitting holding a husky puppy.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

4. How does Puppysphere incorporate its mission and vision into its services?

Our mission is to craft the most unique and impactful therapeutic experiences for our community. Our inspiration for this endeavor came from the immersive experiences people enjoy at Disney World and Disneyland. To learn from the best, we sent our management team there last year to understand how to create an environment where guests can escape their stresses and worries.

Image depicts a woman doing warriors pose next to 3 corgi puppies.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

Our vision is to become a worldwide recognized iconic wellness company. While we are not recognized worldwide, we are making incredible strides toward achieving your vision. We are a multi-national company with locations in Canada and the U.S. We have worked with industry giants like Barbie, TikTok, Spotify, The New York Times, and more. We even collaborated with celebrities like Trevor Noah and Travis Scott. 

Image depicts a woman doing a plank at hte Puppysphere x Canada Dog x Barbie event with English spaniels
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

This fall, we are launching a new company called Sphere Wellness. Sphere Wellness is a conglomerate of wellness experiences beyond animal therapy, allowing customers to experience something they would never expect. 

Image depicts a Dalmatian puppy licking a glass on orange juice.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

5. What advice would you give to students and young professionals who want to become entrepreneurs?

For any entrepreneur, budding or seasoned, you'll get a lot of advice. People will tell you to make a business plan, focus on specific ideas, etc. But I encourage people to throw away this notion completely.

Image depicts founder Francesca holding a puppy next to a friend holding another golden retriever puppy.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere


You need to keep your ideas simple and your company nimble. - Francesca McFadden

Founder Francesca doing yoga next to 2 golden retriever puppies.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

In the startup realm, you have no idea what direction the company will take—a successful startup must be able to adapt to unforeseen challenges while maintaining its network to build opportunities. It's important not to be stuck on an initial idea. Some people get attached to their original idea and spend a lot of money, time, and energy on all the bells and whistles to make it "golden." However, it's better to understand how a market is moving and keep the company able to meet your customers' wants and needs.

Image depicts a woman with curly hair holding a Rottweiler puppy while she is in child pose.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

For people wanting to get into the wellness arena, there is a new wave in the wellness sphere that goes beyond wellness's traditional definition (solely fitness or nutrition.) I advise people to be as creative as possible. It's essential to listen to what people are craving. You should try your idea on a small scale and build it from there. You don't need to be perfect from the get-go. 

Image depicts a woman laying on a yoga mat next to a dog.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere

6. What is the future of the company?

We're currently in New York, Ontario, and Florida, and this year, we're expanding into the California, Illinois, and Texas markets. Please contact here:

3 Polaroid images of 2 women playing with corgi puppies while sipping peach juice.
Image courtesy of Puppysphere


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