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The Moral Of Chicken Little: The Sky Can Sometimes

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Chicken Little did warn us. He prophesied our last moments. He told everyone how the sky was falling. At first, we didn’t believe him. It is only when our sky is falling that we understand the magnitude of his words.

The phrase falling for someone must mean that there is an abyss. The action requires you to jump from logic into emotions. Yet, this choice is not purely logical, physical, or emotional. I believe people have to make the choice to fall in love. There is a distinct moment when that person does or says something that makes you go, “Wow.”

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The first time I felt my sky falling was when I met Marcus Aurelius. He did no wrong in my young nearsighted eyes. When we dissected a frog in biology together, I tried to be “cool,” but in the end, I probably came across as the female Mclovin.

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So, what happens when the sky falls? Do people need to get sucked in insecure tornados or blistering anxiety? I recently realized the answer to this. When I was younger, I thought love needed to mirror Allie and Noah in the rain (Sidetone: Ryan Gosling stole my heart, and as an adult, I probably would not be able to have a coherent conversation with the man).

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But just like the great Etta James, the best kind of love is a Sunday kind of love. Temperate, sunny, and causes no damage.

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