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The New Home of Southern Hospitality: Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel

(Image courtesy of Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel)

Growing up in South Florida, the popular adage is, " the more south you get, the more north you are." I grew up surrounded by Snow Birds, Canadain Tourists (great people, but not the best drivers), and New England transplants. When I moved to North Carolina, I began to see the sharp contrast between South Florida and Southern Culture. While I am still learning more and more about Southern Culture, I am in awe of Southern Hospitality. Charleston, South Carolina, is the pinnacle of Southern Hospitality. The City is repeatedly voted as the Number One destination by Conde Nast Readers for almost a decade (Williams,2019). Its architecture, history, and food make it a world-class destination. I had the opportunity to speak with Catherine Woods, Digital Marketing Manager at the Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel , to learn more about how Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel is the embodiment of Southern Hospitality.

(Image courtesy of Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel )

1. Why should someone visit Charleston and stay at the Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel ? One of the things that sets Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel , apart from other hotels in the area is the central location. We are located in the center of the city. Our hotel borders King, Meeting, and Market streets. We have the City Market right across the street. There is no better spot in town. The hotel offers high-end shops, spa and salon, restaurants, meeting spaces and more. Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel provides guests a rewarding experience, whether traveling for work or pleasure.

(Image courtesy of Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel )

2. How has the hotel adapted in the face of COVID-19? The hotel reopened in June 2020 after being closed for a little less than two months. When we reopened, the hotel updated our operating procedures to reflect an enhanced focus on health and safety. We didn’t offer specific high-touch services such as valet or twice daily turndown service; instead, guests were able to request those services based on their comfort level. At our Club Level, the hotel added additional procedures. Staff served the guest food rather than the original buffet style. While Charleston and the State of South Carolina have now reopened and restrictions have been lifted, we continue to prioritize the safety of our guests and staff.

(Image courtesy of Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel )

3. What top sites should anyone see in Charleston, and how does the hotel add to that experience? Charleston has so much offer. If it’s your first or tenth visit, you can continue to discover something new in this magical place. I suggest that every first-time visitor explore the Historic District. The city is a living museum with well-preserved homes and gardens. Many people do not know that Charleston is located on a peninsula. We encourage our guests to explore beyond the city center to get an authentic taste of Charleston. For example, we have partnered with Lowcountry Oyster Co. This private tour, exclusively available through Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel, allows guests to see the lifecycle of oysters, sail on a boat, and learn more about the local cuisine and surrounding waters. After the tour, our guests can enjoy an outdoor luxurious oyster picnic with the historic rice fields in the background.

(Image courtesy of Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel )

4. What is the future of tourism in Charleston and Belmond? In Charleston, the city is beginning to focus on the whole story of how Charleston came to be. The city wants to expand residents’ and visitors’ knowledge of the past through immersive, educational experiences. In 2022, The International African American Museum is opening, and we look forward to bringing our guests to experience this profoundly impactful museum. As a company, Belmond is shifting its efforts to become more sustainable and offer more local, community-focused experiences. For example, we have replaced our plastic water bottles with easy to recycle aluminum cans among other things. Since the pandemic, guests became more aware of the environmental impact they were having. As a result, we want our guests to feel good about the imapct they are making while still having a luxurious stay and a local experience.

(Logo courtesy of Charleston Place, A Belmond Hotel )


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