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The Next Food Capital: Las Vegas

Las Vegas can appease all appetites. While Vegas is known for its bacchanalian adventures, a culinary revolution has taken Las Vegas by storm. At the Aria Hotel, Catch and Din Tai Fung and Spago and Le Cirque are at Bellagio Resort & Casino.serve as monuments to culinary delights. I had the chance to speak with Alissa W. to learn more about the Las Vegas food scene.

(Image courtesy of Le Cirque)

1. Describe the Las Vegas food scene.

In certain circles, Vegas is an established food destination. It's expansive and comprehensive which allows any and all travelers to eat meal that they might find remarkable.

2. How does a person find hidden food gems in Vegas?

The best place to find hidden gems is to look at like Tik-Tok or Instagram influencers. Influencers bring a good following, understand the culinary scene, and show the general public what the experience of going to an Aria restaurant. Furthermore, influencer marketing offers a strong connection with the following and restaurant..

3. Whats the future of the Vegas food scene?

The food scene is moving towards experiences rather than a more traditional sit down dinner. Your dining experiences begins the second you walk onto the property and last until the second you leave.


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