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Well, Well, Wellness: A Conversation With CurrentBody

(Image courtesy of CurrentBody.)

We live in a world saturated by light. Light emanates from the outside and inside world. When we are flooded by light, people begin to believe that all light is the same. There are many kinds of light, but I want to discuss red light today.

(Image courtesy of CurrentBody.)

At first glance, people are blinded by red-light therapy’s mythical attributes. How can red light therapy improve skin texture, tone, and firmness in a pain-free medium administered at home? CurrentBody empowers customers to maximize their health and beauty by utilizing the latest scientific advancements to bolster their skin’s health. I spoke with CurrentBody to learn how they incorporate this mission and vision into their products.

(Image courtesy of CurrentBody.)

1. What makes CurrentBody different from other Health & Beauty companies?

CurrentBody are the only beauty device experts, and their mission is to bring the benefits of beauty devices to every home worldwide. Their LED Mask is the best light therapy mask on the market, loved by A-Listers including Kourtney Kardashian, Rennée Zellweger and Kaley Cuoco, and featured in the most recent season of Emily in Paris.

(Image courtesy of Product Placement Blog.)

2. How does CurrentBody incorporate its mission and vision into its products?

Constantly setting new levels of excellence in the beauty device industry, CurrentBody strives to provide customers with real results. Their own brand products are extensively tested and clinically proven to ensure transformative benefits.

(Image courtesy of CurrentBody.)

3. What is the future of the company?

CurrentBody strives to continue innovating and launching revolutionary products in the industry. Exploring breakthrough technologies, like their recent Radiofrequency Device, to ensure customers are getting the latest in beauty devices tech.

(Logo courtesy of CurrentBody.)

CurentBody kindly gifted me a CurrentBody LED Mask. For the past 4 weeks, I hae been using the mask five days a week. To maximize the mask's benefits, I washed my face and patted the skin dry. I then placed the masked on my face for 10 minutes. Prior to using the mask, I was worried that I would leave the mask on too long, however the mask has a 10 timer. Once you hit the 10 minute mark, the mask shuts down. Once I finish with the mask, I proceed with my nightime skin care routine. Below are three images showcasing the before, during and after of my time using CurrentBody's LED Mask.

(Images courtesy of me.)

My friends and family noticed how my skin's texture improved and increased shine.


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