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Who Are You?: Why You Should Take The 16 Personalities Quiz

(Image courtesy of 16 Personalities' Facebook page.)

Many people define their personalities by where they are from, what star they are born under, and what occupation they do. As a person matures, a person's character begins to expand beyond location and astrology. Understanding how certain factors impact a person's decision-making is important. The British company 16 Personalities offers a free test so people can learn more about themselves. I had the chance to speak with them to learn more about why you should take this test.

(Image courtesy of 16 Personalities' Facebook page.)

1. What is 16 personalities?

We are a small, private company composed of a group of writers and researchers with varying credentials and experience, including advanced degrees in data analysis, writing, and psychology/psychotherapy. We offer self-help e-books based on personality types as well as access to our premium specialized tests, with the aim of helping our customers take a more active approach to their personal development.

(Image courtesy of 16 Personalities' Facebook page.)

2. Why should a person take the 16 Personalities test?

Our team conduct research into how our personality traits affect people's lives. All our research is anonymous, transparent, completely voluntary, and conducted exclusively on our website in the form of user surveys. Our test is not the same as the MBTI, and our approach differs from Myers-Briggs’ in many ways. Our scales are based on reworked Big Five dimensions ( rather than Jungian concepts. Hence the five traits focus on type groups, the absence of cognitive functions, and so on. You can find more info about our framework and its differences from other theories, including Myers-Briggs’, in our main theoretical article and the links within:

(Image courtesy of 16 Personalities' Facebook page.)

3. How does the company incorporate its mission and vision into its products and services?

Our goal is to help people discover and develop their strengths by understanding their personality make-up. As a quick example of our approach to business, please see our languages page – we have translated our materials into 30+ languages. We sincerely want to further the science of personality theory and help others learn about it and grow in the process.

(Image courtesy of 16 Personalities' Facebook page.)


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