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Your Breast Friend: A Conversation with Bare Necessities

(Image courtesy of Minsky, Terry (Writer), Bargiel, Jermey J. (Writer) & Bargiel Nina G. (Writer). (May 11,2001) Between a Bra and a Hard Place (Season 1, Episode 4). In Terry Minsky (Creator) , Lizzie McGuire; Stan Rogow Productions, and Buena Vista Television)

Lizzie McGuire introduced me and many children of the late 1990s and early 2000s to the problems many young girls face. Lizzie and her animated conscience survived the perils of junior high with her friends Miranda Sanchez and David "Gordo" Gordon. On one such adventure, Lizzie and her mom went shopping, and she proudly declared, " I want a bra." This iconic moment foreshadowed my feelings in junior high when I wanted a bra. Today, bras and breast health are more widely discussed than ever before. I had the opportunity to speak with Tracy F., customer service manager, to learn more about how Bare Necessities helps women find their breast friends.

(Logo courtesy of Bare Necessities)

1. What is Bare Necessities?

Bare Necessities is the largest online retailer of intimate apparel. We offer about eighty different brands and two hundred and fifty-seven sizes on our site so ranging in price, for you know, more economical choice to more expensive bras priced at in the two-hundred-dollar price range.

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2. Since breast size corresponds to the menstrual cycle, how do you buy a well fitting bra?

Sizes change not only during the month but also throughout our lives. Breast size changes occur when a woman experiences pregnancy, labor, delivery, age, weight gain/loss. About 75% of women are not wearing the correct bra size. That's where my team called bra fit experts comes in. My team is composed of seventeen dedicated women who spend their entire day empowering women by getting them into the right size bra as well as navigate through our broad assortment.

About 75% of women are not wearing the correct bra size- Tracy F.

3. How does Bare Necessities keep up with trends in the marketplace?

Our merchandising team is comprised of buyers, assistant buyers, planners, and designers. Design consultants and product development managers research the markets to facilitate relationships with our brands. Usually, we go to New York City or wherever the offices for each brand may be and meet with them in person. The brands we work with show us the current trends and preview the garments designed for the following reason.

(Image courtesy of Wix)

4. How has the Free the Nipple Movement impact your industry?

If somebody subscribes to that movement, we wouldn't hear from them because they do not need the garments.However, we will hear from people when they are buying swimwear from us . Swimwear is the second-biggest division after our bra category. Stores only offer small, medium, and large. This small swimwear range means that someone with a specific chest size would need to look elsewhere for products. At Bare Necessities, we have a large assortment of high-quality swimwear for anyone of any size.

(image courtesy of Free the Nipple Mo)


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