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A Bubbly Experience: Why I Adore The Royal Champagne

(Image courtesy of The Royal Champagne)

Champagne is one of the only beverages that offer a multi-sensory experience. Since champagne is a sparkling wine, wine etiquette dictates that drinkers must smell the libation before being consumed. Drinkers must remove the metallic foil to pop the cork. After pouring the liquid into a flute, the drink begins to fizzle. To understand the methodology behind champagne, wine aficionados travel to the Champilion region to learn more about this elixir. When looking for a place to stay, The Royal Champagne Hotel provides a bubbly oasis of world-class hospitality and Champagne. I had the chance to speak with Clara B., Communication & Marketing Coordinator, to learn more about the property.

(Image courtesy of The Royal Champagne)

1. Why should someone stay at The Royal Champagne?

They are three reasons why people come to our hotel. First is the view. Our property overlooks UNESCO World Heritage vineyards and Hautvillers. Hautvillers's historical village is where the Saint-Pierre d'Hautvillers abbey houses the tomb of Dom Pérignon, a pioneer in making champagne in the 18th century. The hotel's location is halfway between Epernay and Reims, which serve as the two capital cities of Champagne. Finally, the hotel provides a holistic experience with our world-class spa, food (bistronomic and one-Michelin star), and activities. Our team personalizes every stay for all guests.

(Image courtesy of The Royal Champagne)

2. How has the property evolved in the face of the pandemic?

We closed our property during the first 2020 lockdown when the pandemic began. Last March, we began to reopen the property by offering only weekend stays with room service. When we reopened, we thought of new offerings such as a "champagne please" button on guest phones that allowed them to ring and be offered a selection of Champagne by the glass in the room. Additionally, we had an ice cream cart strolling around the property, offering a complimentary afternoon sweet snack. Since May 2021, we have opened the property with wide areas and spaces that respect current restrictions without hampering the customer experience in our restaurants and spa.

(Image courtesy of The Royal Champagne)

3. What are some sites in the Champillon area that everyone should visit?

When in the Champillion area, visitors should visit the Champagne vineyards, Epernay and Reims Champagne Houses cellars and tasting, Reims cathedral, Le Palais du Tau, and Hautvillers. Our concierge team can organize wine cellar visits and activities such as hot air ballooning, cruising on the Marne river, or riding electric bike rides.

(Image courtesy of The Royal Champagne)

4. What is the future of tourism for the property and France?

Tourism is gradually picking up in France.

(Image courtesy of The Royal Champagne)


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