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Park City's Hospitality Champion: Why You Should Stay at a Stein Collection Property.


(Image courtesy of Stein Collection.)

What makes a champion? Why does one person, place, or thing rise above the others? In the City of Champions, Park City, Utah, this question rings in the minds of winter sports enthusiasts, luxury travel aficionados, and film lovers as they converge on the city at various times of the year. You might wonder: What brand exemplifies Park City's spirit? Where can I find a winner? Stein Collection is the Olympic Gold Medalist of Park City Hospitality. The brand's four properties pay homage to Stein Eriksen's athletic prowess and exceptional attention to detail. I spoke with Jeannie Lambert, Director of Marketing & PR for Stein Collection, to learn more about the properties. 


(Image courtesy of Stein Collection.)

1. Why should someone stay at a Stein Collection property? 

The level of service is the #1 reason to choose a Stein Collection property. Stein Eriksen Lodge is a Forbes 5-Star Resort, and The Chateaux Deer Valley is a Forbes 4-Star Resort. Our sister property, Stein Eriksen Residences, is a stunning mountain contemporary resort and #1 rated on Trip Advisor for Park City. Our location is the second reason to stay. All our properties are located mid-mountain in the beautiful Deer Valley Resort area of Park City. We offer direct ski-in/ski-out and bike-in/bike-out access.


(Image courtesy of Stein Collection.)

2. How does the Stein Collection honor its past and embrace innovation?

Stein Collection is named after three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Stein Eriksen. His attention to detail, skiing heritage, and vision set the collection's standard. We honor his vision by keeping the aesthetic of Stein Eriksen Lodge alive, as it truly feels like a European lodge nestled in the mountains. Past guests and their families who knew him still speak of his grace and elegance as a skier and his welcoming personality. The Stein Collection name lives up to Eriksen's excellence today. As for innovation, we have renovated two of the lodges to offer amenities that guests are seeking for a vacation while remaining true to the Stein legend.


(Image courtesy of Stein Collection.)

3. How does the Stein Collection incorporate its mission and vision into its services? 

Our vision and mission statement: 'There is only one Stein.' We are not a large corporation. We make decisions based on what our guests are looking for. Our services include assistance with ski gear and boots before and after heading out onto the slopes. Our tenured valet team is ready to greet each guest, and the bell staff walks each guest to their room, showing the location of amenities and setting up each guest's room so they have a comfortable stay. Our Forbes 5-Star Spa offers luxurious treatments with additional amenities such as hot and cold plunge pools, a sauna with a salt wall, and steam rooms for both men and women. Each team member is introduced to the Stein Way in a two-day training and offers multiple training throughout their career on Forbes standards.

(Images courtesy of Stein Collection.)

4. What is the future of the company?

Our future looks forward to continuing the luxury hotel services for years.


(Image courtesy of Stein Collection.)



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