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A Positive Investment: Why You Should Get A Hobby

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Many people define themselves by the roles they take on. When asked, " Who are you?" many people say their names followed by where they live and what they do for a living. But, are people just defined by the places they live or the professions they work in? With only 24 hours a day, a person spends most of their time devoted to professional or bodily functions. So, what is considered "me" time? Is it the time it takes to look at your various social media accounts to stay up to date with acquaintances? Or maybe it's the random millisecond phone call with friends and family between meetings and appointments.

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In college, most people with some level of authority encourage students to pursue their various interests with random clubs. While college expects students to have a specific area of study, students are exalted for filling their time with random enriching activities and hobbies. Consequently, the engineering student stars in the student-led production, or the football player competes with the robotics club. But, exploration of the concept of free time ends when a person anti-climatically walks across the makeshift stage at a random arena.

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The past few years have changed the professional thought process. The notion that work defines your being is no longer the case. In fact, the professional sphere encourages the workforce to define themselves outside of the professional context. A person can be both a public relations executive and an amateur potter, a neurosurgeon and museum docent, or a consultant and fantasy football aficionado.

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