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Be On Board: How THE BOARD Is Changing Business Strategy

(Image courtesy of THE BOARD.)

In human history, one pandemic rarely spurs another epidemic. Typically, a global crisis ushers a cultural renaissance. Yet, what is emerging from the post-COVID-19 world? Society learned that "work" is not confined to a cubicle. Yet, the professional world is on a precipice. Employees are facing mass layoffs. Employers are worried about the "Great Resignation" impact. April Uchitel, CEO and Co-Founder of THE BOARD, said it best when she said," Companies are rethinking organization charts and who is needed to fully loaded on their P&L. THE BOARD is built to bridge that gap." THE BOARD assembles the best of the best independents to provide companies with specialized knowledge across sectors. I had the chance to speak with April to learn more about THE BOARD.

(Image courtesy of THE BOARD. The image depicts April Uchitel.)

1. How does The BOARD promote teamwork and individual professional development among its teammates?

TB is a network of Senior & C-level vetted independent consultants who work remotely. Given their seniority, Professional Development is primarily enhanced through shared learning. This happens via member-lead chats and a MONDAY MEMOS franchise, where members share highlights of what they see in their respective fields to keep others informed.

(Images courtesy of THE BOARD.)

2. What makes THE BOARD's services different from other consulting companies?

We have an extensive "Roster" of 200+ members. Therefore, we can do very bespoke matchmaking and curate "Dream Teams" of highly skilled members in a prescriptive way to enhance a company's internal team by bringing the skills and perspectives they might have been missing.

(Images courtesy of THE BOARD.)

3. How do you incorporate your mission and vision into your services?

Community drives what we do. We exist to solve our members' needs (access to opportunities, resources, and networks) and our clients (connection to trusted talent), all going back to the vetted Roster and the integrity, trust, and vulnerability that we believe sets us apart. Members have made a conscious choice to live and work differently and need the connection to other like-minded executives who have done the same.

(Image courtesy of THE BOARD.)

4. What advice would you give students and young professionals wanting to enter this sector?

It is really all about your network. Start building it early!

(Image courtesy of THE BOARD.)

5. What is the future of the company?

To become the Premium GO-TO destination for forward-thinking companies to find both fractional dream teams and 1:1 talent, and fractional to full-time placements, as well as critical introductions via THE BOARD BLACK BOOK to key decision makers to accelerate CPG and Tech companies GTM strategies. The ultimate - trusted - Network's Network.

(Image courtesy of THE BOARD.)



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