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Packing The Perfect Meal: Why Modern Picnic Is The Secret Ingredient To A Successful Homemade Meal On-The-Go

A woman eating grapes with her Luncher modern picnic lunchbox. She is wearing a pistachio blazer, white shirt, and blue jeans.

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)

Every time I go into the office, I make a mental checklist. In addition to the computer and charger, I look in the refrigerator to see the fruits of yesterday's labor (my lunch I made the night before). When packing my lunch, I subconsciously travel to elementary school as I zip up my lunchbox. While my lunchbox is productive, it makes me feel juvenile. How can I be a young professional without looking childlike? Modern Picnic developed the solution. Its high-quality insulated lunch boxes bolster customers' confidence and provide a working product. I spoke with Ali Kaminetsky, Founder of MP, to learn more about the company.

Image of a women in white jeans and tori burch black sandals with white toe polish opening her Modern Picnic tote bag. According to Modern Picnic, this product is The MP Tote has a vegan leather exterior and comes with a complimentary, removable insulated pouch, perfect for keeping your food cool and separate from your daily essentials. Your laptop and lunch are safe with us.

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)

1. What makes Modern Picnic different from other companies?

Modern Picnic disrupted the cooler industry with our first-to-market, viral insulated lunch boxes catered towards the modern female consumer. We have since created a line of innovative, high-quality Modern Picnic has been celebrated in the media over 400 times, including publications such as

Forbes, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah, The Today Show and can be shopped at Saks, The Container Store, and more.

Image depicts  Modern Picnic founder Ali Kaminetsky on Shark Tank talking to the sharks on Season 15 Episode 13.

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)

2. How has Modern Picnic evolved since its founding?

We launched in 2018 with just the Luncher, and we have since created a line of function-based products designed to help women look, feel, and do their best. We launched a whole new category in 2023 with our Food Containers, which fit perfectly inside our product!

Woman in blue sweater packing a blue juice in her Modern Picnic Snacker. Modern Picnic describes this product as a ," vegan leather, insulated pouch that everyone needs. Our insulated interior will keep your food cool + is easily wipeable for those accidental spills. Throw it in your Tote, or carry it on its own, and no one would ever know what was inside".

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)

3. Where does Modern Picnic find inspiration from when designing your products?

I am constantly getting inspiration from my surroundings and the behaviors, styles, and patterns of the women around me. Living in NYC as a young working woman definitely influences and inspires Modern Picnic, whether that be product functionality, design, new products, or new ideas.

Various produce like olives, grapes, salads, strawberries, cherries, carrots and more in a  Modern Picnic Food Container. This container," , designed to fit perfectly inside. After years of being asked which containers we recommend, we decided to make our own. Our microwave/dishwasher safe, leak proof, stackable containers are functional enough to meet your everyday needs, while chic enough to want to show off. An upgrade from the one that came with last night’s takeout, but perfect for fitting those leftovers."

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)

When creating each product, I wanted to stay true to a chic and classic silhouette that would work effortlessly into most women’s wardrobes. Adding little details like an outside pocket for your wallet and keys, a cross-body strap, functional pockets inside for your silverware, and the option to add hand-painted monogramming are all added with the intention for your not-so-average lunchbox!

Image depicts a blonde woman wearing a black long sleeve and blue jeans carrying the Modern Picnic Backpack. The company describes this backpack as,"  - A chic, vegan leather backpack with a padded laptop sleeve and insulated compartment; perfect for carrying your laptop, lunch + more. Your day is packed, let us carry some of the weight."

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)

4. How does Modern Picnic incorporate its mission and vision into its products?

MP is a brand built on the foundation of functionality, sustainability, and style. We set out to reinvent the traditional lunchbox that we all know (and hate) and create something that women would be proud to carry. Women should be able to look good, do good, and feel good at the same time. I love how all of our products are so multifunctional in that I can wear them as a lunchbox but also as a regular handbag! Especially being so on the go, having the flexibility to bring my Modern Picnic bag with me from work to events, to dinner, the gym...anywhere, and knowing that no one would know that I have food inside is key. Also, having the comfort of knowing that my food will stay fresh, and if anything spills I can easily wipe it off gives me the confidence to go about my day and know that I am all set.

Image depicts a woman with white almond shaped nails opening the  limited edition Black Wicker luncher.

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)

5. What is the future of the company?

We will continue to expand our existing product line and continue to grow our wholesale/retail business!

THE PET PORTRAIT LUNCHER by Modern Picnic where you send in a photo of your pet and they will take care of the rest. Image of dog is a bernedoodle.

(Image courtesy of Modern Picnic.)


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