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Chasing Dreams with Cabana Communication LLC

History Majors are stereotyped as anti-social nerds. For the most part, they are not wrong. However, Stefaine Babb proved to be the expectation of this unspoken rule. Stefaine (who I call Stef 99% of the time) is one of the most warm and outgoing people I know. I first met Stef while taking Latin America History. In a room full of stereotypical history majors, Stef and I instantly bonded over our love of history, travel and photography. Since graduating, Stef created her own business Cabana Communications LLC. I wanted to learn more about inspiration, mission and vision of her company.

What inspired Cabana Communications LLC?


abana Communications LLC was inspired by my love of writing and understanding that life doesn’t have to be hectic. I’ve made it a goal of mine to plan ahead and schedule projects in a way that allows me to completely dedicate myself to a client’s needs. In doing so, I provide a quick turn around, delivering content that converts.

I have professional experience with several organizations and found the positions I’ve enjoyed most were with teams that were organized and stuck to a schedule. Though it’s completely normal to veer off and take a project for quick turnaround, I’ve learned from these teams to plan for it. Leaving a few “blanks” in my schedule allows me to take on quick turnaround projects without hindering my work with other clients.

How does Cabana Communications LLC incorporate its mission and vision in its services?

Going off my mantra of “easy breezy digital strategy,” Cabana Communications LLC was created to lessen the workload of small business owners. Doing it all for your business is very rewarding, but also extremely taxing and if you don’t have the energy to produce quality content, what you put out can flop. Instead, business owners can turn to Cabana Communications LLC to develop a digital strategy that works, driving leads and sales.

What services does your organization offer?

Cabana Comms offers a variety of writing and digital strategy services. Whether an organization needs blog content to generate traffic or proposal documents, they can turn to Cabana Communications LLC.

A service I would like to point out is search engine optimized content for a website. I’ve partnered with StratPoint Web Design and Hosting for an all-inclusive web development strategy. StratPoint Web Design and Hosting is a veteran-owned business designed to help small businesses get the best ROI from their website.

What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to enter this field?

The best advice I can give to someone wanting to enter this field is to communicate, communicate, communicate. Over communicating with clients is the bare minimum. It ensures that you know the entire scope of a project before you begin work, you understand deadlines and the end goal of the project, and avoid any possible confusions.

Over communicating with clients also serves as a tool to make sure your clients know you are actively working to complete their project. Letting them into your process ensures that clients know they are important to you, and their goals are your goals. Ultimately, this helps you form lasting relationships with clients you enjoy working alongside.

What is the future of the company?

The future of Cabana Communications LLC is public relations. I’m elated to announce that I will be returning to school for my master’s degree in Public Relations and Communications from the University of Stirling in Stirling, Scotland. Half of this program will be in Stirling, Scotland, while the other half will be in Barcelona, Spain.

My goal is to get hands-on, international communication experience to bring back to my current clients. My hope is that the skills I’ll learn in graduate school will allow me to add additional services to better serve my loyal clients as well as attract new clients.

Follow Stef and her journey at

Instagram: @cabanacomms


Me on my first day of graduate school

Rachel Huss

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