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Chazz Michaels Was Right: How To Overcome Creative Blockage

(Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures 2007 film Blades of Glory directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck staring Will Ferell and Jon Heder. Image courtesy of

In the Paramount Pictures film Blades of Glory, Chazz Michaels (Will Ferell) walks on the treadmill to the Black Eye Peas' song My Humps to condition for his upcoming skating competition and think of new ideas for his routine. Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) asks Michaels why he chooses that song. Michaels says that" its gets the people going." Maybe Michaels had a point. Sometimes, unexpected inspiration can come from seemingly random activities. Whenever I feel creatively drained, here are some things I do to get the ideas going.

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1. Stop, Drop and Roll: The adage stop, drop and roll can also apply when you need to recharge your creative battery. Any creative endeavor requires groundwork. When writing, you need to keep in mind your audience, end goal, tone, and more. When painting, you need to have a base coat to ensure an even base. When the groundwork becomes overwhelming, you should do the following things.

Stop: take a breath and assess what you are doing. If the words on the screen are not coherent or the photograph appears grainy, have a second to see if your continued work will add value.

Drop: If not, do not worry. Instead, focus on a new task and circle back to it later.

Roll: I am not encouraging procrastination, rather if you have a list of three things to do and the first task is not going anywhere, start the second and at the end go back to the first.

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2. Exercise: On Tiktok, many people participate in a "Hot Girl Walk." This kind of walk is when a person (regardless of gender) gets fresh air either at the beginning or end of the day. The conscience choice allows the person to start or end their day on the right foot. Besides the physical benefits, I enjoy exercising because it makes me feel accomplished and productive. Working out allows a person to shift perspectives. We live in a world that focuses on intangible things such as thoughts and feelings. When you exercise you actively focus on the bodily processes that operate on autopilot such as your breathing. After a workout, the intangible concepts feel more manageable after you actively take a breath.

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3. Watch Television: Growing up, we were warned that television rots your brain. As an adult, watching TV can provide a new perspective. I always say how The 90 Day Fiancé franchise was the catalyst for creative growth. When you watch something as "stimulating" as 90 Day Fiancé all your great ideas come to the forefront of your mind. For me. this franchise provides almost a mediation-like state that allows your sub-conscience creativity to come alive.

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