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Design Thinking: Bess & Color

(Image courtesy of Bess&Color. Image shows the Mendl's Uniform nail polish. This nail polish is a ,"dusty sky blue nail polish. Full, pigmented coverage in just 2 coats. Soft and bright! The nail polish is Vegan, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Made in the USA, and 10-Free (non-toxic)." Price=$16. You can order this nail polish at )

In Graduate School, one of the buzzwords professors love to discuss is "Design Thinking." Design Thinking is an iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding (Dam and Siang). Design Thinking enables a company to understand consumer needs to serve their audience better. For this project, I contacted different fashion and lifestyle companies to learn how the organizations apply Design Thinking into their market offerings. I had the opportunity to talk with Jessica Bellinger, the founder of Bess &Color, to learn more about her organization.

(Image courtesy of Bess&Color. Image shows Punchy Red nail polish. The nail polish is described as, " This punchy red nail polish is so retro, we love it! Inspired by the red hats worn by Team Zissou in the film "The Life Aquatic". Full, pigmented coverage in just 2 coats.he nail polish is Vegan, Cruelty-free, Paraben-free, Made in the USA, and 10-Free (non-toxic)" Price=$16. You can order this nail polish at )

1. What makes Bess & Color different from other nail polish brands?

I try to really focus on a high quality product that includes a non-toxic formula and vegan ingredients. I want people to feel like they are buying a product that supports more than just having cute nails. I want to also support a healthier choice and be a brand trying their best to make smarter choices. Thats also why I use compostable mailing options.

2. How does Bess & Color stay ahead of upcoming nail polish trends?

I really just stay in tune on social media and follow a ton of nail and beauty accounts. I’m so inspired by the artists I find on social media. I check everyday to see what’s new.

3. How does Bess & Color incorporate its mission and vision into its product offerings?

I give the same care and experience that I would want to receive as a customer. I also try to really give my customers the stage by reshaping their stories and sharing their nail art. I like to connect on a personal level as often as possible.

4. How can a person better their nail health?

By using Bess & Color of course lol! On a real note, our non-toxic polishes are much healthier than a traditional polish. But I would also recommend giving your nails some much needed breaks from polish so they can breath as well. Sometimes they just need some self love time. Using our cuticle butter is great for when you take a break, it has a ton of healthy natural oils that are great for your nails. Your nail health also has a lot to do with your personal nutrition. Being hydrated and vitamin rich is really important to your nail, skin and hair health.

((Image courtesy of Bess&Color. Image shows Natural Vegan Cuticle Butter in Lavender Scent. The Cuticle Butter is, "hand poured cuticle butter is made with only 6 ingredients, from plant based oils, and essential oils. Made with ethically sourced and sustainably grown ingredientss.This is in Lavender scent and so luxurious." You can order the Cuticle Butter at )

5. What is the future of the company?

I really want to get into more retail stores, subscription box, and a few other things that I will keep on the download until they start to come to fruition. I really just want our brand accessible in every area people are buying nail polish.

(Image courtesy of )

Thank you so much Jessica for taking the time to speak with me. As an avid nail art lover, I am so glad I learn more about this high functioning and nail healthy product line. I look forward to using many of your shades soon.


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