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Design Thinking: LABUCQ

(Image courtesy of LABUCQ. Image above shoes the Kitty Extra Black Gold. Labucq describes these shoes as," A chunky, flared loafer in immaculate, polished black calf adorned with a custom light-gold loafer chain. The broad, square-toe silhouette is accentuated with a triple-layer front welt. Wear it with an ankle sock for a preppy come retro vibe." Price=$450. You can order a pair at )

1. What makes LABUCQ different from other fashion brands?

There are lots of other brands, and they are structurally all similar. They are businesses, and they want to sell shoes / clothes, etc. They make products and try to sell the products. They succeed by selling. If ours is different it's because it's ours, and not other peoples'. So all of it comes from "us" (Lauren), all of the small decisions, all the creative, the design, the factory relationships. We do our best to make what we think is good, and try to attract people who share and respond to this sensibility.

(Image courtesy of LABUCQ. Image shows the Tankie shoe in black. LABUCQ describes this pair of shoes as, " Super comfy combat boot ready for anything. Like lighter, more flexible docs, but with better leather." Price=$360. You can order this shoe at )

2. How does LABUCQ stay ahead of upcoming fashion trends?

This isn't a big effort for us. Lauren will see something out there in the world she likes, and then she'll think about how she could improve it, or make it distinct in her own way. But to be honest the best selling products we've made have come from more obscure inspirations. For example our Boomer sandal is popular with our customers; it was based on the kind of sandal futsy Pacific Northwestern Baby-Boomers wear when they're out at Costco or whatever. Something like this. The trend we were responding to was not specific; maybe we were thinking, "dad sneakers are popular (we made it in 2018) ... people feel comforted by adult symbols from their youth ... this is something we haven't seen yet (Gucci did something similar around the same time)... we could do this and get behind it because Lauren grew up in Colorado and all of her aunts and uncles wear these kinds of shoes..." etc.

(Image courtesy of LABUCQ. Image shoes the Boomer Sport shoe. These shoes are described as, " Far-out fisherman on a flared, micro-stratum midsole. Boomer is your friendly, outdoorsy city walker. Swap it for sneakers, or combine it with an anklet for a chic hype-boost." Price=$390. You can order a pair at )

3. How does LABUCQ incorporate its mission and vision into its product offerings?

Because the business, the product, the mission, the vision is all contained in a single tight entity, we don't need to think about being true to it. Everything we do is authentically us, because... we are us. As we grow and expand our offering we will have to solidify and develop this perspective further. It seems like a design challenge more than anything.

(Image courtesy of LABUCQ. Shoes shown as the Solar Slide Cactus Nappa. LABUCQ describes this pair of shoes as, " Solar is the friend to our popular Page Wedge. Same platform, padded insole & pop of color, but this time, a slide. The thong at the front helps keep your foot in place while running here to there. Praise the sun­—go solar." Price=$350. You can order a pair at )

4. What is the future of the company?

You will have to follow us to find out!

(Image courtesy of LABUCQ. The shoes shown above are the Mo Slide Camel Shearling. These slides are described as, " Our deluxe slide has been reimagined into a cozy, winter-friendly, fuzzy bud for your feet. Mo is for lounging, luxuriating or doing nothing at all. The rubber outsole makes for sensible and durable grounding, and also makes them totally acceptable to wear outside too, if that's your thing." Price= $210. You can order a pair at

Thank you Adam and the LABUCQ team for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to one day purchasing a pair of shoes from you.


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